one loveby Dominique

Have you ever been left wondering if you will ever find your one love? Are you enduring a love life that’s not filling you up – or fulfilling you even a little bit? Or maybe you have difficulty finding love at all.

I spent a large part of my adult life in one awful relationship after another. I was in despair which then settled into resignation. But a tiny piece of me deep inside stayed alive and well, dreaming away, imagining my “the one” late at night when no one could hear my thoughts.

And then I discovered something that might seem obvious, but SO many people, men and women alike, often ignore. I found that the more I could get into my heart to create a mind, body connection within her, the more I was learning to love me.

And the more love that was building inside for ME, the more people were being attracted to me, this love, and I don’t mean just men. And then suddenly, my “The One” showed up. And this all came about VERY quickly.

Finding your one love begins within.

The best place to start this journey is by weeding out the awful things you have come to believe about you, the terrible things you say to you. It really doesn’t matter where this began. It only matters that you’ve likely done a good job of carrying on this abuse.

This “abuse” has now become habit, but habits CAN be broken.

One of the best ways to reprogram these voices in your head, the ones that put you down, the ones that created these bad habits which lend themselves SO well to negative thoughts and thus bad feeling feelings is while falling asleep.

This is especially effective when you feel you’ve been falling into an abyss self-recrimination or loathing of late or if something has been troubling you; maybe you’ve been obsessing about something.

To set the stage for creating and manifesting your one love, I suggest first making a little bedtime ritual.

  1. Take more care as you ready yourself for bed.
  2. Really pay attention to what you do as you do it.
  3. Wash your face slowly and lovingly.
  4. Notice how your skin feels as you apply your cleanser, as the water rinses off of it, as you smooth on lotion.
  5. Luxuriate in the sensations of the creams infusing your body.
  6. FEEL the sensuality.

Now make yourself as cozy and as comfortable as possible in your bed in your preferred falling asleep position. Put on your good feeling sleep wear or preferably nothing at all. If there is any tension present, see if you can release it. If not, embrace the feeling, and then forget about it for now as much as you can. Now:

  • Imagine yourself sinking deeply into your mattress, into clouds, into something soft and warm. Imagine this softness even as your bad feeling feelings swirl.
  • Have it caress you all over.
  • You may feel uncomfortable, but just go with it anyway.
  • If you feel tension come up, do your best to sink into it.
  • Sink into whatever comes up for you whether it be good feeling feelings or bad feeling ones.

When you are the brink of sleep, this is the time when you are at your most vulnerable, most receptive, when you are most open and thus available to suggestion and change. Your body wants to be at peace. It wants to feel good. This is how it came to this world, and this is how it prefers to be as much of the time as possible.

This is when you can more easily create your one love connection between your heart, your body, and your mind.

The more you are able to sink into these feelings at this time when you are most open to suggestion, the more you will be able to transform these feelings. The bad thoughts and feelings will want to naturally align with the good thoughts and feelings.

And the more accustomed you become to feeling good, the more you will want to and feel comfortable feeling good feelings. The more good feeling feelings you allow, the more love will be creating for yourself inside.

This little technique is a fabulous way to realign your heart in body and mind and create ONE flowing LOVE, within YOU so that you can attract the ONE LOVE FOR YOU, YOUR “The One”.

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  1. kumar on November 1, 2010 at 5:48 am

    As far i have noticed, women are good and they are usually like boys. i mean that women and men are equal in most of the aspects. not only men have attractiveness to good looking girls but women too have attractiveness to good looking men.

    but one thing i have to tell you that men is flexible before committed to any relationships, like they even love a less – good looking girl and sorry to say that i have seen no girl (mostly less – good looking) ever wants to commit or atleast be a good friend to a less – good looking boy !!!!!!!!!

    in this aspect women have to change !!!!!!!

    This message is mainly to those women or girls(less – good looking). And am very sorry for using the word “less good looking” , because i cant use the word “bad looking” as i believe that no one in this world, men or women are Bad looking :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  2. Jeny on November 6, 2011 at 6:28 pm

    You are right.but most of the men, cant forget their first love. Even a girl love him madly. He always think his x was better.I love a person ,his name is kumar too,but he is so much in love with his x.he cant see my love.Men are really confused. They sometime cant see the treasure infront of them, but they are looking everywhere

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