food cravingsby Andrea Albright

Food cravings will control you… if you let them.

They will drive you crazy and destroy your chances of losing weight.

Food cravings will sneak up on you when you are at your weakest moments, and seduce you with their powers.

… But if you follow this one simple tip to control your cravings… your body actually STOPS having these food cravings… and you are free of cravings forever.

Let’s start here…

Food Cravings Will Come And Go

When you are having a mad craving for something that’s fattening or sugary (like french fries or chocolate) you may think the only way to eliminate that craving is to eat it…

But here’s something that took me years to figure out…

Food cravings are your mind’s confusion.

You may think that your body wants that fat load or that sugar rush, but your body is sending you that food craving because it is starving for nutrition.

It may be desperate for a certain mineral or vitamin because it needs that for ONE of your body’s biological processes (there are millions, by the way).

Your body is always going through many different chemical reactions at once, and it needs vitamins and minerals to complete those tasks.

But if the mineral or vitamin is not there, then your body sends out the signal “Need Food. Eat Now”.

Your body knows that if it can just get you eating, then it might get that vitamin or mineral that it is lacking.

===================== French Fries Are Not A Vitamin =====================

Your mind interprets this “Eat Now” signal as a craving for something with high fat and sugar because from past experiences your mind remembers that these foods gave you the most pleasure and the biggest “hit” of euphoria.

Your mind takes this opportunity to go after what it wants the most – pleasure.

And that’s not a good or a bad thing… it’s just the way our brain is wired.

But unfortunately, pleasure will not help your body’s shortage of nutrition.

That’s why you often still have food cravings even after you eat junk food or really sugary, fattening foods.

Haven’t you ever wondered why you can never seem to “satisfy” your food cravings?

============== “Feed Me Semore!” ==============

It’s like that musical “Little Shop Of Horrors” with the venus fly trap plant that could never get enough blood and eventually started eating people alive just to get it’s fix.

It’s the same with your food cravings.

Your body is screaming out “Feed Me Some More!” over and over again

You can eat, and eat, and you may feel relieved temporarily but the cravings always come back.

And that’s because you’re not going to the source of the problem – Your Body is Lacking Nutrition.

So the next time you have an intense craving why not try something different?

Make a Deal with Yourself and Your Food Cravings

Tell yourself that you can eat whatever you are craving only AFTER you eat a nutritious “mini-meal” first.

And then after you eat it, take a moment and tune into yourself.

You may find that the intense craving you had before is gone… or at least it has been reduced to a craving that you can control.

And the more often you do this, the easier it will be to control the food cravings you get, and then you will start to get less and less cravings…

Why does this happen?

Your body will be getting what it NEEDS (nutrition!) and the craving signals will become weaker and weaker until they finally disappear forever.

This is how it starts. The healthy process of losing weight is a journey that starts with a simple step.

This is how it happens, if you allow it.

====================== One Simple Tip To Control Cravings =====================

–> Eat A Nutritious ‘mini-Meal’ Before You Eat What You’re Craving

Put this up on your computer at work or on a post-it on your mirror in your bathroom.

Just try experimenting with this tip this week and see how it works for you.

Enjoy the process as it’s unfolding. The body knows what it needs, and when you give it what’s it’s truly craving, you live in freedom from rampant food cravings.

Your Friend, Love and Light,


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