metalsunFrom Sarah:  I just got this, I know it’s a promotion for a class…but since I didn’t even know what “Human Design” was….I followed the link, and because this is directed totally at nurses, and the website is devoted to “burned out” nurses…I thought the whole thing was pretty interesting.  The idea of spiritual Tools as “exercise” was pretty interesting to me, too…

Do you exercise? Do you like it? Why do you do it? For fitness, good health and a hot body. Right?

Do you have a spiritual exercise program? Affirmations? Meditation? QiGong? Why do you do these things? What’s the payoff?

Last week, I had an “A hah!” moment that got me thinking about Spiritual Payoffs.

I was working at a busy Flu Clinic along with four other RNs when we had a brief lull. It became really still and quiet. Now, I am one of those people who cannot stand silence in a group. I must speak. However, during the stillness of this moment (especially my stillness within the stillness), I suddenly realized that I was comfortable. I was comfortable knowing that this moment and the next moment would be perfect. I didn’t have to help them along in any way.

Hey. When did that happen? When did I transform into this person?

I believe it happened while I was doing my “spiritual workout”. Just consider my spiritual “exercise routine” for that morning:
• Used EFT tapping to turn off my racing mind.
• Read the affirmations taped to my closet doors.
• Whispered the “Abundance Manifesto” as I made breakfast.
• Stared at my “Think and Grow Rich” statement as I ate breakfast.
• Visualized green lights as I drove to work.
• Practiced “segment intention” before I telephoned my boss.
• Reminded myself to “zip it” while with the other Nurses per my Human Design strategy.

What was my payoff for all this “exercising”? Realizing that I had achieved comfort in stillness.

Spiritually speaking, I felt like I had uncovered a long lost abdominal muscle. I did a little victory dance. Woohoo!

Somehow I had worked my spiritual practice into my daily routine. It was sort of on auto-pilot. Sub-conscious. After three years of repetition, the spiritual exercise routine was paying off. I was transforming and being re-conditioned without realizing it.

So how does one get to this place? Try this equation: Spiritual tool + repetition = habit.

What tool will you start with? I suggest you start with Human Design.

Human Design is a spiritual tool designed to transform you instantly. You can’t help it. Spiritual change just starts happening. Imagine what would happen if you actively used this tool on a daily basis.

Join me at the Next Human Design Class and start your spiritual transformation now.
There are a few people whom I think should especially consider this class. They are:

Parents, Teachers, Coaches, Nurses, Students, Business Owners, Energy and Body Workers, Employers and Employees and finally people who are just plain Alive,


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