man magnetby Kimberly Seltzer

A woman walks into the room and a group of men flock to her like she’s a man magnet.

“What is it about her?” you ask.

Maybe it’s because she’s beautiful, maybe it is because she has a hot body, or maybe it’s because she has shiny hair.

That “it” factor, however, is way simpler than you may think.

The “It” Factor Has To Do With One Key Ingredient To Turn You Into A Man Magnet Who Can Make Any Man Melt – And That Is…. Confidence.

Confidence! It’s how a woman owns what she has and is comfortable in her own skin.

As a relationship expert, I’m lucky I get to coach both men and women. Every man I coach tells me the same thing…. that they find a confident woman who knows who she is extremely attractive and sexy. Unfortunately, many women struggle with their confidence, are constantly comparing themselves to others and pick themselves apart.

Even more challenging, women have been socialized to take care of and compliment others, not themselves. And then to make matters worse, the more we give, the more empty we feel and then focus on the wrong things.

So how do you ask can you whip up a batch of confidence when you don’t have all of the ingredients? Simple…you just have to shop around, study the merchandise and then put it all together to make it your own.

In other words, there are some simple things you can do that can help build your confidence and attract that man when you are out and about or on a date:

• Smile at everyone around you. Invite people into your world.
• Make eye contact, look away, and then make it again. Show him you are interested!
• Dress sexily, subtly and comfortable. Embrace what you have and own it NO MATTER WHAT YOUR BODY TYPE IS.
• Be feminine—wear skirts, giggle, create softness, be light and open.
• Laugh and have a sense of humor.
• Listen to what he says and be interested.
• Let him take care of you (i.e. paying the bill, opening doors, providing information).
• Ignite the chase and create intrigue and mystery.
• Look sexually alive with the way you use your body and what you wear. Bare your neck and ears which signals that you are available.
• Be the person everyone wants to meet and create an energy around you—look friendly and approachable.
• Pause as you walk in a room and lazily scan for someone, then walk slow noticing who and what is around you; walk slow and sexy.
• Get personal, be interesting in the conversation, tell stories, share yourself and reveal your feelings about things.
• Show enthusiasm in your facial expressions and show variance in your tonality when speaking.
• Let him chase you; don’t be too available and easy.
• Position your body to be open and available, even when talking to your girlfriends.
• Touch him lightly during conversation.

When I coach men and women, we are out in the grocery stores, the farmers market, coffee shops and many other places you might be during your regular day practicing these techniques. Women are often amazed at how doing some of these subtle gestures can get great and quick results.

They also don’t realize what they are doing to actually be repelling the men! But that is a whole other blog.

I promise that after studying and implementing some of these ingredients, you’ll start creating a recipe for success in feeling good about yourself and attracting that man no matter where you are. So get out there, have fun, and get noticed!

About The Expert
Kimberly Seltzeris a dating coach, personal image expert, matchmaker and therapist who is committed in making positive changes in others inside and out. Kimberly owns Elite Image Makeovers  which combines coaching and styling to create an amazing image that positively reflects who you are. In addition, she runs the VIP division at one of the largest nationwide matchmaking companies, Elite Matchmaking, and incorporates image consulting and dating coaching as part of the matchmaking process. She also works with David Wygant, America’s most sought after dating expert, coaching men and women to improve their dating, relationships, and intimacy through boot camps, seminars and private coaching. Go here to learn how to be a man magnet->

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