authenticby Dominique

Have you ever worried that if you were your authentic self, meaning you let him see all of you including your faults, your bumps, bruises, and warts too that he would reject you?

So you do everything you can to be “perfect.” You smile when you want to scream. You say this or that is okay when you really want to say NO it’s not. You try with all you have to be a good girlfriend, complacent, nice, doing things for your man even when you don’t especially feel like it.

Oh I’ve so been there as has probably every woman I’ve ever encountered. Trying so hard to “make him happy,” yet inside a volcano is starting to stir.

And sooner or later the rumblings cannot be ignored. And it feels bad. Resentment creeps in, anger even.

And you also feel kind of guilty, like an impostor. Yet the fear of being abandoned if you showed your true colors feels worse. So now what do you do?

Surely after all of this time if you let him see some let alone all of your quirks, he WILL leave, won’t he?

Can You Be Authentic When You’re Afraid To Let Him See The REAL You?

I’m here to tell you that YES you can, and NO he won’t leave you, abandon you, or think less of you.  It’s just the opposite! If he’s a good man, he’ll breathe a HUGE sigh of relief!

When I was learning to open my heart to myself and to my man, learning to be authentic, there were times I felt so afraid that when he finally caught a glimpse of this imperfect being that I am, ME, he would run far, far away.

And this couldn’t be FURTHER from the truth. If your man is the kind of man you really want, a loving and giving man, your “flaws” of body and character will endear you to him all the more.

Just as it all transpired with my man; he welcomed authentic me with arms open wide.

For now HE could relax and be his own authentic self. And in all of this he felt increasingly safe with. He opened to me, and we fell more deeply in love and more profoundly intimate.

What To Do With Your Fear Of Being Authentic

When you’re working to release habits and/or behaviors that no longer serve you, when you are working to let go of fears that have interfered with you being the most authentic you possible, fears will come up.

  1. Breathe through the worst of it.
  2. Imagine him accepting you just as you are, PERFECT in your imperfections.
  3. Feel this vision as vividly and in as much detail as you can summon.
  4. And keep being who you really are, authentically beautiful.

The more real you can be with your man, the happier he will be and the closer he will feel to you.

Being authentic authentically you, will make him love you even more.

Dominique is amazing. Her sensitivity to your personal situation, your feelings, fears, hopes and dreams will make you feel that you instantly have a true friend in your corner – who not only understands you – but who can HELP you.

Dominique’s book is called “Sex and Heart” – and you’ll want to check it out – and first – just go get her free newsletters and free “Get His Attention Back” free report. Dominique will help you not just be more authentic – but teach you exactly how to make your “realness” work – day-by-day, step-by-step – to bring your man in closer and more emotionally intimately than you can even imagine.

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