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One of the most painful things about relationships is not understanding what the heck happened when things go wrong.

Why do some relationships “go the distance” and some don’t?

Why do some people find lasting love, and others only have short-lived flings?

Why do some women seem to always attract the best guys – and others (that are just as pretty and smart and cool) only end up with the bozos?

Believe it or not, astrology can answer all of these questions and more!

But it’s much more complicated than just if two people are compatible…

There’s actually FIVE critical keys a relationship MUST have to make it to “happily ever after” and only ONE of them is compatibility!

Have you ever had a problem with a guy that made you just sure that it MUST have been because he didn’t care?

You know – maybe he didn’t spend very much time with you, or he wouldn’t stop talking to his ex, or he wasn’t very generous, or he wouldn’t commit, and so you told yourself the only thing that made sense:

“If he REALLY loved me, it would be different… So he must not REALLY love me.”

But it was so confusing, because sometimes it seemed like he DID love you – he called constantly, he was really funny and playful, he couldn’t keep his hands off of you, he TOLD you he loved you all the time…

But when you ASKED him for the thing he WASN’T doing – he wouldn’t do it…

He wouldn’t change..

He wouldn’t spend more time with you…

He wouldn’t stop flirting with other women…

He wouldn’t plan a future together…

It was SO confusing.

It didn’t make any sense!

If he REALLY loved you, he’d change.



Here’s the thing…

The most important thing to look for when trying to have a relationship with a man, is: 

Is He Good At Relationships?

It’s more important than anything!

Because – no matter how much he loves you, if he’s bad at relationships, he won’t love you well.

He won’t be able to give you what you want or need.

And not because he doesn’t care – but because he isn’t skilled in SHOWING how he cares.

Think of it like he’s a man with three fingers and no thumbs trying to play the piano.

He may LOVE the piano.

But he’ll never be able to play well.

He doesn’t have what it takes.

It’s The Same In Relationships…

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve given a reading to a woman in tremendous pain over a man, thinking that he doesn’t love her – and I saw right away in his chart that he’s NOT able to make ANY WOMAN feel loved!

So, no matter how well they may “connect” any woman will be unhappy and unfulfilled with him.

And there’s very little she can do to get him to be “better” to her.

And it’s SUCH a relief to know that…

Having the right understanding of what works – and what isn’t WORKABLE with a man can save you tons of time with the wrong man, and help you quickly heal from a disappointment in love.

A recent email from a client of mine who was with such a man shows this beautifully – they’d been dating for months, but he wouldn’t stop spending time with other women and wouldn’t include her in his plans with his friends, so they broke up.

I had told her that his chart was very weak for relationships, that he was selfish, and that he was NOT available in terms of the astrological timing he was in… (THREE strikes against her being able to have a full relationship with him).

But she just kept feeling like he must not really love her… and that if he had, they could have overcome those seemingly “minor” problems.

See her email below (which I share with her permission, of course!):

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