how to attract menHave you ever tried to figure out what’s so incredibly attractive about movie stars, or women around you who seem to know how to attract men from everywhere?

For most of us – it seems obvious. It’s the way they look. Their faces, bodies, clothes, makeup…

But is it more than that – way more than that?

Sure – personality has something to do with it, and the sensuality and sexuality they radiate has a lot to do with it…but what about other things?

What about grace of movement, or how they listen to men – or how they speak?

There’s so much we at LoveRomanceRelationship write about how to attract men and how to talk to a man – and yet, most of us women miss the BASIC of what it is to talk to a man – and that’s the SOUND of our voices. The weird thing is – that’s the easiest thing of all to change!

When I found Ginger Gardner (her program her is “Sexy Voice Secrets”) – I didn’t even think about how my voice sounded (I’ve always been a singer, so I “assumed” my speaking voice was “nice.”)

But her amazing program (it’s an ebook and 6 guided audio tracks so you can follow along with her) – helped me find MY voice in a completely different way – and the exercises actually helped me breathe better and gave me more confidence and calm, too.

Having a sexy voice isn’t just something fanciful. It’s a real thing. Your voice get’s “pitched” differently. You sound less hurried and softer – and it’s just a more INVITING sound!

Here’s a quick tip:

Your jaw and lips are the most important parts of your fact to relax because they form your resonating chamber, like the soundhole in a guitar.

If your mouth is too closed or tight, you have to put out more effort to get normal volume – and so everything will feel forced – which you absolutely don’t want.

The moment you feel afraid that you’re too quiet to be heard, and start trying to force the sound out – you lose all the appeal of your voice. It’ll start to get tinny and harsh – and likely you’ll push the pitch up too high.

It’ll come off the opposite of natural.

It’s amazing that we can be aware of feeling tense and insecure, or anxious around a great man for the first time – and the EASIEST way to fix it – no matter WHAT your situation – is to get your voice in a new place. It sort of automatically relaxes the rest of you when you can hear your own voice coming out clear and appealing even to your own ehow to attract menars.

And then – the way a man responds to you when you speak is so exhilarating…you’ll naturally feel more confident.

Try this short tip – and be sure to check out Ginger’s Sexy Voice secrets – you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to feel confident and learn how to attract men without even trying->

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