true loveby Carol Allen

Have you ever knocked yourself out for a man because you were CRAZY about him and was sure he was the right man for you, only to have him tell you that he’s “just not feeling it” for you?

I have… (shhh…)

Have you ever felt so anxious and worried in a relationship that you were obsessed and constantly on edge, unable to concentrate or think of anything else, because you just KNEW something wasn’t RIGHT?

I have again… ugh…

Have you ever known a man who just SWORE he’d never get married or want a family or ANYTHING – but then one day he met a woman he couldn’t live without and he BEGGED her to marry him?

I have yet again… It’s exactly what happened to me!

Did you know much of your personality is INBORN?

And that your astrology chart reveals the most positive, attractive parts of you that are the most ALLURING to others?

And that it also shows the most “not-so- positive,” unattractive parts of you that are the most REPULSIVE to others?

“Repulsive” is a strong word… Let’s say “annoying” instead… Sorry about that!

Don’t worry, this is a GOOD thing. Here’s why…

When you know your natural attraction strengths and weaknesses, and become more AWAKE to them, you have so much more choice as to whether or not you LURE or REPEL the man (or men!) if your life.

So learn how to diagnose your best, natural “good stuff” and your “not as good stuff,” and what to do about it all so that you can have the best love life from now on.

There are FOUR major components to this spiritual attraction business…

And one of them can be seen in the stars.

By looking to a little-known thing called, “Chastity Yogas.”

Don’t worry – they have nothing to do with what you’re thinking… you have such a dirty mind! :)

“Chastity Yogas” are written about in the ancient works of Vedic astrology, and help to reveal how “marriage-able” a woman is.

“Marriage-able?” I’m not sure that’s a word – but stay with me a minute here ‘cuz this is important…

If a woman has POSITIVE “chastity yogas,” she’ll be more able to charm and inspire a man to treat her well… and she’ll easily love herself and INVITE good men into her life.

If she has more NEGATIVE “chastity yogas,” on the other hand, she’ll have a harder time charming and inspiring a man’s best…

And she’ll be more drawn to BAD BOYS who aren’t great partners and won’t likely treat her well.


Now, before you get all bummed out, here’s the thing.

Most of us have a MIX of “good” and “bad” planetary combinations for this.

And depending on what planets are forming these influences in your chart, you’ll respond and behave to life and men in specific ways that fit those planets.

Here’s the cool part…

When you KNOW what’s going on, you can work with it to have it WORK for you and NOT against you.

It’s like learning you have certain food allergies…

Instead of going through life sometimes “accidentally” eating those life-threatening foods because you have no idea you’re not supposed to, you discover what’s going on (through blood work or skin tests).

Suddenly you know what foods to avoid so that you don’t have any negative reactions ever again, possibly SAVING YOUR LIFE.

I don’t mean to get all dramatic with my food metaphor… but having negative chastity yogas and not knowing about them can be like that…

You won’t DIE if you stay blind to what’s going on, but your love life just might…

Let me tell you a quick story.

I have a client who’s SO GREAT.

Smart, pretty, funny, stylish, thin, responsible, friendly, heart-centered, and on and on…

Every time she goes anywhere men ask her out or want her number.

She goes on TONS of first dates.

But VERY FEW second or third ones.


She has a negative chastity yoga that makes her SUPER hard on herself and overly analytical.

So she’ll be on a date with a new guy, dressed to the nines with her hair just so…

They’ll have good conversation.

She’ll have been on time…

Her apartment is spotless…

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