other womenby Allana Pratt

How do i keep him from looking at other women? How do i keep his eyes from wandering?

I say you can’t so why try. Women are Art. Life is a museum.

The more we focus on loving, approving and celebrating our “vibrating vulva’s” and “glorious open hearts” the less we see other women as competition and the more we see them as fellow paintings in the museum.

It’s The Sign Of A Confident Woman When She Can Catch Him Looking At Other Women …and…

…let him know only with a sly smiling glance that she saw him checking her out, and nuzzle up close to him and tell him in the most sexy sultry voice that he’s a “bad boy and is in big trouble tonight.” Keep your heart connected to him when you want to shut down and see what magic unfolds.

If He’s Not A Noble Man, And He Keeps Looking At Other Women In A Way That Hurts You…

…he’s not a noble man.

If you hurt – even with your heart open –  you will soon sense he’s not honoring you and it may be time to release him.

You deserve nothing short of totally being cherished and adored… your heart and gut will tell you if he’s truly wanting to be with other women, or simply enjoying the scenery.

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