allana.jpgby Allana Pratt

How are you? Are you finding a missing link to being and staying sexy?

Are you feeling hopeful that you really can attract all the love and attention you deserve?

Are you beginning to feel more understood, heard, validated and truly gotten now that you hear that many women have similar questions on how to be and stay sexy?

Before I share one of the most astounding letters I’ve received from a woman who was not experiencing the kind of affection she yearned for, let’s answer this question:



While a nice warm sexy body is the best… a big part of what we like about having our partner is how it makes us feel to have them in our life. WE become alive knowing we have someone to see us, receive us, someone to give you, receive from… well, what I do when I’m single is remember that the Divine Masculine is always there, Existence itself is always there AND I play little games with myself to feel full from the inside out.

For example, I dance as if I was dancing for him, perhaps I close my eyes and imagine what he’s saying or doing and I truly enjoy the feelings of being adored and appreciated. It makes me feel powerful to know “he” thinks I’m gorgeous. In reality, if I dance for an alter to my Beloved, I trust that wherever he is, he’s being fed by my dance energetically and I intend that it’s bringing him closer as I yearn to see his face and touch him for the first time.

Then as I make my way throughout the day, I go to the coffee shop feeling like I had just been made love to and that he’s shopping to make me dinner that very night. You see I get to believe whatever I want. I get to have whatever thoughts I want. And the result of acting as if I’m already full and in love 1. Makes me full and happy! 2. Dissolves neediness 3. Makes me look radiant and juicy and 4. is far more likely to attract a man that can fulfill me that much!

There is a time for being sad if your inner little girl needs some attention and there’s no need being totally alone if you’re single. Please! Enjoy your girlfriends, your family, your kids and flirting!!! Being at peace alone now also supports you for when you’re in the relationship and he needs some guy time or you crave some alone time… you’ve found your balance and are confident and sassy and alluring.

Here’s what my Interviews have taught one member:

“Dearest Allana, my new best friend in the car- I listen to you every day! You have helped me feel like the most powerful Goddess on the planet. Really. You see I had my focus on everything my boyfriend was doing wrong, not doing enough of, how he was the problem, how he was lacking. You not only taught me but showed me and gave me practices to shift my thinking, behavior and now results in my life.

From you I have learned that a noble man can only show up in the space of a powerful woman. If I show up so-so, he shows up so-so. If I show up in all my “radiance” as you say, then his most noble grand and powerful self is invited to show up. I as going around complaining everyday vs. showing up in my glory and inviting him to meet me! I was a complaint, not an invitation!

I decided the night after I listened to your first CD to imagine I was HER and did that exercise in the Book that leaves you feeling as powerful as Mother Earth herself, and I waited for my Noble Knight to come home to my honorable Kingdom. When he walked in the room, asked if I was OK, if I had gotten my hair done or something. He sat down with me and started rubbing my feet (Oh my God!!) and was the most present he’s EVER been with me. I felt so juicy and luscious and wanted to pounce him but I just felt it and didn’t do it and he somehow felt it because he pounced me instead! It was so hot!!!! I feel like this sorceress or something… I really made that happen by doing nothing and being totally different!”

Randi Johnson, IL

This letter makes me feel so happy because I’ve personally learned and taught so many women how to BE, such that men become helpless to our charms…I’m not talking manipulation here at all, they are simply responding to our authentic nature, our organic essence, our natural magnetism. It’s not so much about doing anything to make them behave a certain way, it’s about unleashing your sensuality and removing any blocks from your full sexual nature which just so happens to make him putty in your hands.

This is what every woman in the depth of her heart, the depth of her pelvis knows is possible. I trust you will use this power well. Use it to bring forth the most noble, honest, honoring, ravishing qualities in your man. Are you ready to be brought to the most ecstatic rapture in being claimed so fully for the glorious woman you are?

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