Here’s How To Make Yourself Irresistible Again

When you’re in a relationship it’s easy to become complacent over time.

by Jen Michelle

Similarly, when you’re single, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut, to feel like you’re caught in a stale routine that isn’t working, yet find yourself doing the same old things anyway.

So many women don’t recognize their innate power that is capable of mesmerizing and captivating the polar energy of the masculine.

If you want a man who takes the lead and makes things happen, it’s so important to discover, activate, and practice being in your feminine energy.

When a woman has discovered and ignited this within herself, she recognizes that the old story of a man or the masculine holding all the power is completely untrue.

She’s just been going about love in ways that haven’t allowed her to see or tap into the beauty and magic that’s innate within her.
For those of you I’ve worked with or have been writing to for a while, you know that I am a type A and perfectionist in recovery.

For many years I truly believed that the only way to get my needs met was to plan, strategize, and make it happen.

I didn’t see any value in exiting my mind, or allowing love to unfold. I was on a mission and the goal was to meet, date, and marry the man of my dreams.

I’m here to say I was so wrong about how I believed love worked at that point in my life.

Accessing and sinking into my feminine energy transformed my marriage, the way I move through life, and what I believe to be possible.

If you have perfectionist, impatient, or linear tendencies, I want to share three ways you can make yourself irresistible to men in any stage of a relationship.

 1. Make Yourself A Priority

Making yourself a priority is counterintuitive for many women.

It can also mean many different things.

It can mean taking care of your body, your health, your appearance. This is an important piece especially if we want a man or the man you’re with to do the same.

It can also mean nurturing your growth, expanding your world, and creating a willingness within you to ask What If…

What if I tried a new way…

What if I committed to that thing I wanted to do for 30 days…

What if I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried it….

In order to make yourself a priority try leaning into the prompt “what if” and imagine what your life could look like by following your joy, your bliss, and your intuition.

How can you take responsibility for your own happiness today, this month, and this year?

 2. Be The Woman He Wants To Come Home To Every Night

I’ll hear from women all the time in the dating, relationship, and married stage that the man doesn’t create enough time or presence for them.

I’ll ask a woman to take a deeper look at herself and see how she’s showing up. Is she easy to be around? Does she view him sometimes as a threat or an enemy?

Are there any insecurities that seep out in unhealthy ways?

As a woman develops a deeper awareness around herself and her tendencies, she begins to make tiny transformations day by day to become the healthy and empowered woman she’s always wanted to be… authentically.

This translates into being a woman that feels like home to the masculine.

After a difficult or stressful day, he is feeling lifted, inspired, and motivated because he gets to release all of that when he connects to you!

He gets to be around your natural soft, open, and warm energy which triggers him to access his emotions, destress, and feel like a man when he’s around you.

You bring out the man in him by bringing out the woman again within yourself!

 3. Be A Good Listener And Be Willing To Hear The Truth

Being able to create a safe space for a man to share is key for him to fall in love.

This means dropping out of your head and being fully in the moment with him when he is sharing with you, even if it’s something that feels difficult to hear.

Part of what leads to conflict is not having the necessary skills to truly hear a man.

You may find yourself in your head thinking of your response, distracted by something else, checking an alert on your phone, or trying to prepare for a clever and witty response.

If a man brings up a difficult or uncomfortable subject, sometimes the tendency is to skim over it, minimize it, or get defensive.

How would it look instead to let him share what’s on his mind, trusting that the only way to grow intimacy and heal conflict is to open it up and release it?

This doesn’t apply if he’s taking it too far, and being disrespectful, rather those moments where it feels like something hard to hear or that you’d rather avoid.

Instead practice being still and listening to him.

If you’re dating and he’s expressing a dream, or a goal that feels different than yours, practice hearing him, supporting him, and let him find a way to merge your shared desires.

Same in a long term relationship or marriage, as you create a willingness in yourself to hear him, move through conversations a different way, you’ll open up a space for him to find a solution and figure it out!


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