relieve stressby Ann O’Brien

To relieve stress: Breathe out. Fully. Belly in to the spine.

The masculine loves emptiness. So give your inner masculine some love through this exercise!

When most of us think of breathing deeper, we gasp for the inhale. The problem with this is that unless we have exhaled fully, we have no room for a deep breath, even if we strain and push to receive it.

Breathing to Relieve Stress

Give yourself a few minutes to just breathe, focusing on emptying yourself fully of breath before you inhale again. Pause at the end of your exhale and feel that empty feeling.

Notice how it feels to feel empty. Blissful? Agonizing? Weird? Normal? What comes up?

If it feels ok, you can even hold the breath out a few seconds before inhaling again. Let the inhale just come naturally.

Did You Relieve Stress?

After a few minutes breathing like this, let go of all attempt to control your breath and notice if your “natural” breathing feels different from when you started. Has your body, mind or awareness changed at all? I suggest doing this regularly to relieve stress before you even feel it accumulating.

From LoveRomanceRelationship: Ann O’Brien is all about helping you become more present in your body, find inner peace, and realize your power to create the life of your dreams. She has in-depth training in spiritual growth, creativity and wellness as well as meditation and spirituality. You can visit her website to find out more about your body, mind, spirit and how to relieve stress.

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