lisa steadmanThere’s STILL time to heal your heart by the holidays!

If you’ve recently had your heart broken, or are struggling to heal your heart and move on following a breakup or divorce, don’t despair. Help is here!

My friend Lisa Steadman is an internationally renowned heartbreak relationship coach. If you haven’t heard about Lisa, keep reading! She’s the best selling author of “It’s a Breakup Not a Breakdown: Get over the big one and change your life – for good!” and the follow up workbook “It’s a Breakup Not a Breakdown Workbook: A 21 Day Plan to plot your revenge, spoil yourself, and find out how good life is without him.”

Lisa has coached hundreds of women on how to break free of the pain of past heartbreak, release limiting relationship beliefs and other bad love habits, and ultimately welcome healthy, happy, whole love into their lives. Not only that, but Lisa helps women reinvent their futures so that amazing opportunities (and men) start knocking on YOUR door!

Here’s what I love about Lisa. She not only talks the talk, but she walks the walk. Five years ago, she was devastated by her own Big Breakup. Lost, confused, and depressed, she didn’t know how to disconnect from her ex. She knew that if she could summon her inner strength and walk away, life would get better. She just didn’t know if she had the courage to go cold turkey.

Today, Lisa is happily married to the man of her dreams, and dedicated to helping ALL women heal the pain of the past so they can step into their brilliant futures, and eventually manifest the love of their lives.

Recently, Lisa contacted me with her simple yet profound mission: To help women around the world heal their hearts by the upcoming holiday season so they can enter 2010 with a focus on their happily ever after futures.

Given her years of experience, Lisa has come up with a proven system for healing your heart and moving on in record time. And true to her mission of helping ALL women heal the pain of the past so they can step into their brilliant futures by New Year’s Eve, Lisa is offering her extraordinary 8 Week Heal Your Heart by the Holidays TeleClass starting October 12.

This transformative program is designed to provide relief, reinvention, and rediscovery for women struggling to heal and move on following a devastating breakup or divorce.

Join Lisa on Monday, October 5 for a preview of her 8 Week Heal Your Heart by the Holidays TeleClass. On the FREE call, Lisa will answer all of your burning breakup recovery questions, as well as offer her incredible laser coaching for the first five people who speak up.

This FREE call is perfect if you’re:

* Ready for real relief from the pain

* Tired of letting your ex be the victor while you feel like the victim

* Committed to emerging from your heartbreak stronger, healthier, and more authentically you by New Year’s Eve (even if you’re not sure how that will happen)

Lisa’s humor, engaging way of sharing her expertise, and genuine concern for her clients makes her a wonderful partner in changing your life. Sign up for Lisa’s FREE call and see for yourself! Or if you’re really ready to heal your heart, sign up for her teleclass today!

I love Lisa – she’s so totally real…and I want you to know about anything of REAL VALUE, like this one…that’s free for you…so sign up (you’ll get her newsletters, free, too) right here: If you find this article too late for the free teleclass — often Lisa will put up a free recording of it…so check her out…

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