A friend – I’ll call her Denise – discovered her live-in boyfriend of 5 years has a passion for porn. It’s not that Denise is a prude, but she had horrible self-esteem and a terrible history of feeling abandoned, and this porn thing just kicked it in. What’s worse, she couldn’t really even talk to him – I’ll call him Bill – about it.

To Bill, it was nothing – except that he did it for at least an hour a day. It didn’t affect their sex life, he was a great guy in every way, but Denise couldn’t handle it. She went into a depression, until she somehow found a relationship coach (Rori Raye) who was able to help her.

Denise and Bill are still together, and they’re doing better than ever, and Denise feels so much stronger…she has a lot to say about this whole thing

Some women think it’s probably hard to find a man out there (who isn’t “weird” in some other way) who doesn’t look at porn on line – it’s just so easy to do. Some women aren’t bothered at all, and to some it’s a dealbreaker in a relationship.

Have you had any experience with that or know anyone who has?

It would be great to get your opinion on this – it’s a very tricky, very not-talked-about issue for so many women. (I’m going to invite “Denise” to comment here, too.) Let us know what you think…

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  1. tinque on October 2, 2008 at 11:52 am

    My comments from the previous entry apply just as well here, but I do want to add that if Denise’s guy is really looking at porn this much, then she may need to decide if he has a problem with it, an addiction. It seems excessive. There is a fine line between habit and addiction, and that line is an individual one. My thoughts on addiction are this; if a person’s behavior is not interfering with his relationship, in this case if he’s attentive, loving, caring, and gives her bountiful sex, if a behavior does not interfere with one’s job and other responsibilities, then I would say that the person has good handle on what he/she is doing. I would classify this as habit.
    I would suggest trying this as scary and maybe even icky as it might sound. Ask to share it with him. You might be surprised as how aroused you may become. You may find it fun. Try this. While you are watching him look at whatever it is he looks at, start to masturbate with him. Occasionally reach over and wipe up some of the clear fluid that comes out of his penis to use as your own lubricant. He will be very turned on by all of this. Come for him and then climb on top of him. The porn will be forgotten by this time.

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