relationshipby Jonathon Aslay

Dear Friends,

Imagine this…

You have been dating for a few months, everything is going great.

You laugh together

You play together

You speak daily

You see each other regularly

The sex is fantastic

The chemistry is unlike no other

The friendship is building

All is going well, until…

Out of nowhere you hear these awful 7 words.

“I’m Not Looking for a Serious Relationship”


All of a sudden, you feel a pit in your stomach.

You feel like your heart stopped beating.

You feel like you’re collapsing into an abyss.

You feel dumbfounded and speechless.

You feel lost and confused.

What’s worse, you feel betrayed.

You gave this man your heart.

You ask yourself “where is this coming from?”

Everything was going great.

You met his friends and they adore you.

You met his family and they all love you.

He met your friends and they think he’s great.

He has met your kids and they like him.

You both planned a vacation somewhere fun.

You were just starting to think he could be the one.

He knew right from the beginning you were looking for long term.

He told you right from the start he was looking for his soul-mate.

You felt like you were both in sync.

So why this bombshell, “where is this coming from?”

Why all of a sudden this shift?

Why the change in attitude?

Why does this always seem to happen to me?

Here is what you need to know from Your Guy Spy

Here is what you need to hear from Your Heart Protector.

Here is what a Male Relationship Coach can only tell YOU.

First off, it has nothing to do with you.

Being a guy who said those awful 7 words.

Being a guy who has pulled back.

Being a guy who has suddenly shifted.

Being a guy who came on strong and then took a step back.

As a man I get it and have done it.

Here is what you need to know.

This is what you came here to learn.

Almost every man does this, a pull back.

Men pull back when it gets serious.


In the Beginning of a Relationship, It’s All Fun and Games

You laugh together.

You play together.

You make love often.

It’s all new and fresh.

But about a few months in, the real stuff comes out.

You might be having financial troubles.

You might be supporting a sick family member.

You might have small children at home.

You might be dealing with an anger “ex” or legal issues with a divorce.

You might even have health problems.

To a man as things gets serious and commitment grows, all of this might feel like too much responsibility.

He feels cornered and trapped.

He might not be ready to be a full time parent.

He might not be ready to be a care-taker.

He might not be ready to support you.

He feels he doesn’t know you well enough to take on the “real stuff”

He feels if he continues he will lose the fun & play.

As a man, I have been there and I get it.

Friends, there is good news.

There is no need to freak out.

There is no reason to jump off the cliff.

There is no need to panic.

Bottom line, there’s no need to give up.

When a man says: “I’m not looking for a serious relationship

He is needing to take a pause.

He is needing to evaluate where he REALLY stands.

He is needing to know he is not going to be overwhelmed by your needs.

He is needing time to evaluate his readiness for deeper intimacy.

In the beginning of a relationship men need to know there is a safe way to exit.

While they may never use it, they need to know it’s there.

They need to have breathing room to fall in love.

They need time to adjust to a new life.

They need “no deadlines”

They need to set the pace to be in the masculine.

Commitment Ready Men become serious when it’s their choice.

Men just need the time, space and freedom to make the decision for a serious commitment.

Have you ever wondered when he is ready for commitment?

Do you know how to tell if he is ready for a real commitment?

Have you wasted time dating men who are not serious?

Do you want to save time and heartache avoiding the wrong men?

Have you heard of the Hero’s Journey to Commitment?

Do you know the types of relationships men choose?

Do you want to learn how men fall in love?

Do you want to learn more about why men pull back and need a little space?

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Wishing You a Fantastic Week.


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