carol.jpgby Carol Allen

Have you ever fallen for a man that you thought was ready for real love?

He seemed so receptive, so open, so loving…

You spent tons of time together, met each other’s friends, and even talked about the future…

It just seemed OBVIOUS that you were headed toward something SERIOUS.

After weeks or months – or ever YEARS – of closeness and good times, did he suddenly do the UNTHINKABLE?

Did he announce that he wasn’t ready for a full relationship, and that he wasn’t looking to settle down?


Women tell me stories like this ALL the time.

Men do things that SEEM like they want a serious relationship.

No, make that – they do things that SEEM like they are in fact HAVING a serious relationship.

They take them on vacations, meet their families, spend holidays together, call them constantly, and more…

Causing the women to think they’re in a committed relationship.

But then, out of seemingly nowhere, he’ll say or do something to indicate that they’re NOT.

He’ll go out with someone else, cancel big plans, blow them off on their birthday, only to suddenly declare that he doesn’t believe in monogamy…

…or marriage…

…or relationships in general.

(Cue the crashing car sounds right about now.)

If this has happened to you, then once you got up off the bathroom floor and stopped crying, you realized that he’s never actually SAID you were having a full relationship.

And, once you took a good hard look at yourself in the mirror – you also realized that you never asked.


Why didn’t you?

You didn’t want him to say no, so you just kept going along enjoying his good attention, assuming that it meant you were “on the same page.”

But here’s the truth – you HAVE to ask a man what page he’s on.

You have to ask his relationship goals, and find out if yours are the same.

When should you ask this?

Very early on…

Some experts go so far as to say you should find this out before you even GO OUT…

For real.

I say find out before you get emotionally and physically invested.

Or you may get squished…

And you can’t say he was a cad, unless he lied.

You see, many men are happy to endlessly go along, and go along, taking you on vacation and calling you all the time – but having it just be that.

No romantic “destination” in sight.

No plans to marry…

Or even live together.

And, he can do what he wants to do – and not have to answer to you, or anyone else.

But it can seem so different than how he behaves.

So one of the things I love about astrology is that you can determine how “relationship oriented” a man is, and how likely he is to be “steady Eddie” or “fickle Freddie.”

You see, we all come in with a basic nature.

I like to say we’re “preloaded at the factory.”

Life then enhances or diminishes that core “way of being” we come in with.

It’s MUCH easier to be in a serious relationship with a man that can DO serious relationships, than it is to be with a man who doesn’t have the basic personality for it…

One of the key things that shows his basic personality in terms of relationships is what constellation he was born into.

I don’t mean which sign – I mean which of the smaller “sub-signs” or constellations that make up the twelve signs.

There are twenty-seven of them, and they are truly AMAZING.

And, when you know a man’s Moon constellation, which is the main thing to look to in order to determine how he RELATES, you know sooo much about the man.

When it comes to committment – certain constellations are more romantic and oriented toward partnership than others.

Those others get easily bored and need lots of change…

Or have a hard time being vulnerable…

Or cause them to have painful relationships with their mothers (so you’ll always have to pay the price…)

Or make them introverted and private, and take a REALLY long time to commit to ANYONE…

Or do, in fact, make them much more likely to “stray”…

Or merely make them late bloomers (not ready to “settle down” unless he’s old enough…

Now, men of these more committment-challenged constellations can do well in relationships if they find a partner who gives them lots of independence, or allows their need for lots of space, or even lets them “wander,” (wink, wink) and doesn’t mind.

But that takes a special woman.

Make that a RARE woman.

And you may be such a woman… but if you’re a mere mortal like the rest of us – then you could use some help figuring this all out.

So find out if he’s MUTABLE – making him change with his environment…

If his “animal symbol” is nomadic – causing him to always be restless (like an elephant, horse, or mongoose)…

If his “ruling planet” is MALEFIC (in other words – a negative influence) that makes it hard for him to open up his heart…

If his nature is “windy” causing his moods – and interests – to blow with the wind…


If he’s FIXED – and therefore, inherently be loyal and stable…

If his “animal symbol” is likely to be faithful (like the dog, rat, or snake…)

If his ruling planet is BENEFIC (a GOOD influence) that gives him a loving, sweet disposition…

So, please don’t try to “beat the planets.”

Or “get a man to change.”

Or make him want what you want.

Find a man that is built the way you need him to be built.

And stand back and be amazed at how easy love – and committment – can be.

If you’ve been blessed enough to find a man that you love with the right disposition, and you’re both compatible with one another (something the CD’s will also teach you!) but you’re still not heading toward “happily ever after” it could be that you need to improve how you interact with him.

You see, it’s not enough to have the “blessing of the stars” – you have to know how to make love grow and last.

I have seen too many women take a great man and a great relationship and screw it up…

How? By not knowing how to communicate, ask for what they need, or avoid the most common relationship traps couples fall into.

Once you know how to make a relationship the best it can be, and you have a good man to try all this great information with, you won’t believe how beautifully your love life will come together.

I should know – I see it every day, and it happened to me.

And may God and his planets and stars shower you with love!

Carol Allen

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