true loveby Dominique

Do you despair at ever finding a good man to love and love you back let alone having him be your true love?

I found myself twelve years into an unhappy marriage and almost completely resigned to my fate because I thought no one else would ever want to be with me. No one would possibly love me again, and even though this man’s “love” didn’t feel much like love at all, at least I had someone.

And then I went back to college, and while opening my mind to new learning experiences, I discovered ME. And I found out ME is pretty wonderful and smart, talented, pretty even. I found out I actually do have a sense of humor, and I can be silly and fun and loving and lovable. And so much more. My light began to shine, tentatively at first but increasing in intensity the more secure I was feeling. Not too much later I found my sexy juiciness.

What I had done was change my energy, charging it up in some pretty fantastic ways. In taking steps to take care of me which translates into self-love, I was able to release this stone I had allowed to hang from around my neck and my heart, the toxic man included, which then made room for true love.

You Find True Love By Cultivating It In Yourself And For Yourself

And this means:

  1. Reinventing the “doing” you by finding things that turn you on, inspire you whether it be another job, volunteer work, new hobbies or invigorating old ones, learning a new skill, discovering a hidden talent or cultivating one you already know about.
  2. Reinventing the external you by maybe coloring your hair or getting a new cut, getting some new make-up, buying new clothes or revamping how you wear the ones you have. Mix them up in new and fun ways. Wear only the garments that make you feel GOOD, sexy and sensuous even.
  3. Taking care of YOU. How about long, hot baths soaks or massages or a manicure/pedicure, meditation, acupuncture, reiki, or some other healing modality that feels right to you .

Try taking long walks, doing yoga, taking dance classes, learning a new language, or anything that piques your interest. Read a great book. Start a journal.

  1. Filling your life with beautiful things, whatever that means to you whether it be painting the walls of your house a fabulous new color or reupholstering your furniture, even if this mean simply throwing a gorgeous throw or piece of fabric over what you now have, maybe rearranging it all, buying a new painting or painting one yourself, filling every vase you have with flowers or decorative grasses. Make your space feel uniquely you, cozy and comfortable and somewhere you want to be,
  2. Nourishing the inner you by finding out what makes you FEEL good, feel special and doing it. Just DO IT. ALL of it.

It also means being good to YOU, being kind to YOU, treating yourself as having true love in yourself first.

Listen to how you speak to yourself. Ask yourself if this is how you would treat your best friend or a stranger even. If you can’t answer yes, then STOP mid-sentence and rephrase. RIGHT NOW. YOU must treat yourself as the precious and unique gift to the world that you are.

And you will discover that all of this which is now flowing through you is the REAL YOU, and you are a vessel of pure LOVE. This is how you came into the world, and this is how you can be again.

You will feel this growing stronger and more vibrant within you, a fierce love force, beautiful and powerful in your vulnerability.

This emerging YOU will inspire the same kind of feeling in your man too, or it won’t. If it doesn’t, another man, a better one will soon step up and take his prize which is fabulous, glorious goddessy YOU.

Mine showed up a mere two weeks after having ended and exited stage left from the former really not so good relationship.

Finding your passions, finding YOU, being true to YOU, being authentically YOU will make room for having YOUR true love come to claim YOU.

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