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Oh – we know we’re going to get a lot of comments on this one – that happiness is something you can choose to have in your life, no matter what’s going on.

I mean – circumstances are going to change the way we feel – right?  And if everything in our life is going crummy – then we would be insane to be anything BUT unhappy. Right?

Not to our thinking.

Essentially – we’ll just put that out here: If you are not a happy person that is a choice you are making.

Regardless of your circumstances.

And one thing’s for sure – in romance and love – if you’re not ALREADY a happy person – love will NOT make you happier.

AND – if you’re not already a happy person – love is going to have a way harder time finding you.

I know this seems far-fetched – but what if it were true?

What if you actually have full control over – okay, not necessarily the CIRCUMSTANCES of your life – but the decisions and thoughts and feelings you make and have and feel ABOUT your life, and in whatever circumstances you find yourself?

There are many factors which people measure and call “happiness.”

Some people think money is happiness – however they may absolutely miserable with what they do on a daily basis to make their money.

You might look at people who have absolutely everything and you strive to be like them. These things may be wealth, possessions, status, or even the position you hold at work.

AND – these things don’t create happiness. (Okay – they might make it EASIER and cause less challenge and stress – but, still, from moment to moment – happiness is a “track” you get on and work to stay on that’s all about that choice you make to work to stay on that happiness track.)

There are many people who have wealth and a high status who are completely miserable. They may be lonely, divorced and more.

Happiness really does come from within – as corny as that sounds.

The truth is:

Happiness is Subjective

There are things in life that can make you happy that are subjective. They are subjective because happiness comes differently for everyone.

You might find joy and happiness seeking thrills through rides like roller coasters and bungee jumping. This thrill may be more than torture for someone with a fear of heights who would never step foot on a roller coaster or ever be brave enough to jump from a bridge suspended by a bungee cord.

Everyone seeks happiness in their own way. What makes you happy is a natural high that you deserve to seek.

There is nothing wrong with the things that you find joy in.

You may be told you’re crazy when you find joy in small things that please YOU – but that is because of the subjectivity of the whole thing of happiness.

The trick here is to find those things that make YOU feel happy – not what you THINK will make you happy because it makes OTHER people happy!

You are an individual. You are unique.

If you focus on what makes YOU feel happy – and go towards THOSE things, instead of striving toward a man who is making you unhappy with his lack of interest or follow-through – you are SO much more likely to meet a man who WILL make you happy.

It’s about focusing on the internal feeling of what makes you happy – the little, small, moment-to-moment things (like enjoying a flower in a garden…yeah – that corny, we know – but it works) – instead of working and trying and striving to GET what you THINK will make you happy.

As weird and backwards as it sounds – when you focus more on being happy in the small moments – that’s when the great, big ticket items show up for you!

Natural Happiness

It’s true some people are naturally happy.

This can be about genetics – it’s in your DNA.  It can be about the way you were raised.

Most of us suffered traumas throughout our childhoods and adult lives that have created PATTERNS that STILL (even though we’re all grown up) run us in the same old ways.

It doesn’t mean that you were born to be miserable if you are not a naturally happy person.

Your happiness may be INFLUENCED by your genetics and your “life training,” – but it’s not FIXED.  It’s not the way it HAS to be!

If you are not a naturally happy person you can change the way you think and feel. You can become happier.

You can begin to APPRECIATE happiness more – so that when the small moments are there, you can savor them, and build NEW habits.

Habits of Happiness

The key is to change the way your brain thinks and the things you do.

And the way you make these huge changes is just to practice.  Practice appreciating and savoring small moments. Birds, food, animals, breathing, the breeze…

You can learn to do things on a daily basis to bring up your happiness level which will help you learn to smile more and be a happier person.

We’ll write more on this, because all of us here at LoveRomanceRelationship are reading and trying out things for you, and for ourselves too.

Happiness is a great thing.  Happiness and a feeling of peacefulness throughout the day.

So – we wish you happiness today!

Sincerely, The Editors

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