Glamour Nude Shots Of Yourself Are Empowering For YOU

by Dominique

Here’s something totally empowering, liberating, and very amusing to do for yourself and your man:

Have nudie pictures taken of yourself.

What prompted me to do this the first time was that my guy was going to be taking a job out of state, so we would see each other only maybe every other week. I thought he might like having me nearby while he was far away. This was so out of character for me at the time, for we were not only new together as a couple, I was also shy about those things and quite uncomfortable in my own skin, insecure. I had never done anything like this before. Fortunately one of my best friends is a photographer, and since she has had to do some porn work in the past, this was not a big deal for her other than we are friends.

Now boudoir pictures are lovely, and if that’s all you can handle, go for it. That’s beautiful, but I am suggesting more. I’m not saying not to get some beautiful undies for your shoot, please do. I did, but they should come off as the shoot progresses.

My first pictures were certainly of the boudoir sort. I wore a corset, a bra and panty set underneath, hose and garters. These were shed piece by piece until I was fully naked. It was very soft, very sweet, erotic, not especially racy aside from the fact that I was nude in many of them. He never did go away for this job, but needless to say the photo essay went over well, so well that I decided three years later to do some more, edgier this time.

These ones were boudoir like as well, but this time there was much self fondling going on, all over. I made an album of the best shots like the last time, and I also had all the good pictures put on a CD to load onto the computer. He loved these too and used them well when he has had to be away for work. The following year I did yet another shoot of the more explicit sort.

I like to leave a few pictures up for him on the computer if I know he’s going to be home at lunchtime or back before me in the evening. You can do the same, and/or you can leave prints if you have them on his chair, by his pillow, in his suitcase if he’s going out of town, anywhere you know he will find them.

More recently we’ve been having a special “playnight”; I’ll tell you all about this another time, so I’ve been making a little slide show for him with select photos. But honestly I’ve become bored with my pictures. I’ve wanted to do another shoot, but my friend has been unavailable, so I came up with this.

Why not take pictures of myself with the digital camera? Why not some really graphic ones, even more so than what I have already since my friend won’t do close ups and I wouldn’t want her to anyway. So I grabbed the digital camera and shot away. It’s not easy getting your parts in frame nicely if they get in at all.

There were many rejects, but I did get the hang of it, and so will you. Be creative. I did some shots of just my eyes and some face shots; full body shots are impossible. I did boobie shots, one alone, both together, at rest, squished together, and close up nipple ones.

I also did some pussy shots, really, really up close. Imagine all the porn pictures you have seen and try to duplicate them. If you haven’t seen any, find them. They’re all over the internet and free. I did some of her by herself, with fingers touching, simulating masturbation, outside, inside. When I finally had enough good pictures, I loaded them onto the computer and made a slide show movie. I believe most computers do this automatically.

I edited them so as to tell a little story, and there you have it.

It’s such an incredible high, and the appreciation received will supersede any uncomfortable feelings you may have, for it may feel scary in the beginning, embarrassing, weird. For me it was quite frightening at first. I felt ill at ease, vulnerable, and sharing it with him felt strange, but each time it became easier, and now I just love doing it.

I love seeing myself up there on the computer screen, imagining my man looking, lusting. So any discomfort you may feel will pass, especially when you see how much it turns him on. Or you may just take to it right away. Either way have fun with it. You may discover that it turns you on as well.

Okay – Dominique is a nice, normal, actually very shy woman. So this advice is something ANY of us can do – for OURSELVES. When she first told me about this, I was totally blown away – I’d never, ever thought of doing such a thing (and I thought I was pretty “out there”). You can read more of Dominique’s writing here: To Dominique’s free newsletters->


  1. jessie on February 3, 2009 at 9:06 pm

    Very interesting. I wouldnt have thought of that to do, but it seems like something that would put a spark in someone’s sex life. It sounds very erotic and sexy. It may be a fun thing to try once I’m married!