self confidenceby Jane C. Woods

When you feel really good about yourself and have a healthy level of self confidence,  the world becomes an easier place to live in. You’re more inclined to face and deal with problems, take risks, look for new opportunities and generally get the most out of life!

And when your confidence is low the opposite is true.

So Here Are A Few Of My Tips To Help You Give Your Self Confidence A Boost:

1. Focus on your successes not your less than great moments. Confident people use memories of their past successes to help them move onto new ones. Of course it’s appropriate to note where you may have gone wrong and learn from it but don’t linger too long and make yourself depressed. Take the lesson and move on.

2. Take a moment to remember all the new things you have ever learned and done in your life. You still have all those skills to pull out of the hat when you need them to build on for your self confidence in the future. Congratulate yourself on those past achievements and do dwell on how good they felt!

3. Watch your language. I don’t mean profanity but something that probably has much more serious consequences for you. Listen to how you talk about yourself and to yourself. Are you always using negative words when talking about you? “I can’t do that….I’m no good at so and so…I am so clumsy…”

In my experience of training and coaching, people (and especially women) are extraordinarily good at putting themselves down. But when I ask them to consider their positive qualities they stumble and frown. If you have a constant stream of “internal mail” telling you how inadequate you are, you know what? You will feel inadequate and behave as if you are inadequate.

Stop it immediately! Identify your internal downers and replace them with something positive and uplifting. YOU are in control of your self confidence when you’re paying attention to your thoughts.

4. Think about your environment, work and home. Is your workplace an enhancing place to be? If not, can you improve it and so improve your mood? Do you have a mental retreat at home, a space, however small, that you can call your own?

A positive environment will help boost your self confidence. Maybe you could use colour in some way to provide some comfort and help you create the right mood. For example, browns, greys and blacks are not positive colours. If they are the staple colours in your office think about introducing a more colourful poster, or plants, or mouse mats. Yellow, for example, can invigorate and warm you. Red will stimulate and arouse you, while greens can calm and soothe.

5. Look at the people you spend most of your time with? Are they people who encourage and support you? Do they have self confidence themselves? Are they generous with their support and praise? Or are they people who criticize and bring you down? If you are feeling very low in confidence, it’s possible that you have gravitated towards people who reinforce for you that negative self view. Think about it.

As well as changing your physical environment you may need to focus on spending more time around positive and energizing folk, who have self confidence and can help you lift and maintain yours.

Jane C. Woods is totally cool, totally British, fun, and she has a great site with great information and help…take a look and help yourself build unbreakable self confidence

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