allana.jpgby Allana Pratt

Have you ever heard of a positive vortex?

I was just listening to this CD which got me to thinking… What if you were creating this positive vortex of juicy radiant energy that was attracting in the man of your dreams or shifting your current relationship into the deep ravishing fulfilling one of your dreams?

And yet right before it was about to unfold, you gave up. You got busy, side tracked, postponed your continual growth. What if as a result, HE never showed up, only less than noble men showed up, only a mediocre relationship filled your life, always leaving your wondering, what if?


What if you were creating this positive vortex of juicy radiant energy that was attracting the man or next level of relationship of your dreams… and right before it was all about to unfold… you filled yourself to the brim, overflowing with juicy radiance from having kept yourself in the conversation, growing, learning, expanding and living your sensuality more fully each days? You were feeling great every day, more alive, sexy, juicy and confident than ever and WHAM… it all worked out because you went THROUGH the finish line, not giving up right before your dreams were given to you?

I think it was Edison who said a quote along the lines of “If only people knew how close to the finish line they were when they gave up.”

I see my Membership as taking you THROUGH the finish line, keeping you in the conversation, keeping your energy sexy, juicy and radiant. Keeping your positive vortex magnetizing your man.

As I’m about to give you the answer to a question, I can honestly tell you that just the information is not enough, it’s about being in the practice as a way of life that truly gives you all the feminine power in the world…



Men are in a bad mood because they’re in their heads, trying to figure things out. We as feminine intuitive creatures know that banging your head against the wall doesn’t work… taking time out and going for a walk, even doing the laundry gives us time away from our strategic mind and lets our body, where our intuition and instinct lives, to give us the answer.

So our job is not to take his bad mood personally, perhaps give him space… yet you can also give your body as gift to him to help him get out of his head. Imagine you are a Divine Concubine serving the most noble Knight on the planet… the whole Kingdom is at stake and you know he will find a solution if he would just exhale… so in the most confident way, knowing YOU are a Queen, a Goddess, give him YOU. Without words, bring him back into the world with your body in a lap dance, a sensual massage, the pleasure of your body next to his with no strings attached. He doesn’t have to respond. This is a gift of resuscitation from you to him. You’re giving him life through your body.

ALL and I mean ALL the men who have received this gift from their women when she really gave it out of love, honoring her body as the most divine gift she could give to bring him back to his power, all the men became over the top devoted to their woman after that. The gift was so selfless, so primal, so heartfelt that these women are receiving more love, affection, adoration and attention than they ever dreamed possible.

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