romanceby Christine Arylo

The invitation of Choosing ME before WE is this: Know yourself. Be honest with yourself. Love yourself. Trust yourself. First. Then consider HE and WE, never settling for less than your heart desires.

Choosing ME before WE is more of a vow than a how.

If you make this set of ME promises and keep them, your life and relationships are guaranteed to reflect the fantastic partnership you’ve created with yourself.

It’s up to you to take the ME vows, but here are some ways that will help you keep the promises:

Know Me

Live from the Inside Out. Know what you want from life, regardless of what anyone else wants or says. Your life has to be about your dreams, passions and gifts, first.

Only choose partners who help you achieve your goals and who inspire you be your best you.

You’ve got to know who you are and live from that centered place all the time. Without self-awareness, you’ll mold to fit your partner or your relationship, and no matter what you may tell yourself, you won’t be happy.

This is your life. Live it the way you want, and find a partner who’s up for the ride.

Know What and Who You Want in A Partner and Why

Be able to answer these three questions with total clarity and surety. Use the answer to evaluate your current relationship  or to get clear on who you want to attract.

• “Why do I want a relationship, as in how does it make my life better?”

• “What kind of relationship do I really want at this time?”

• “Who is the person I want to be in relationship with, regardless of who my mate is today?

Throw away the man list on this one, and instead claim your Core Four, the four essences of who this man is. Think painting a Picasso vs. creating a Power Point.

Be Honest With Me

Take A Fixing Fast.

Rule numero uno of relationships: it’s not your job to fix anyone but yourself, so if you find yourself constantly trying to improve your partner or you’re always harping on him about his flaws, get a mirror and start looking at yourself.

Focus on who you want to be first. We attract the men we want based on who we choose to be. So if you want to improve your odds of a happy relationship, create a healthy ME that will attract a healthy HE.

Don’t Fall in Love with His Potential, Fall in Love with Him.

Don’t marry, date or stay with a guy because you can ‘see his great potential,’ even thought he isn’t realizing that potential today.

You’ll spend your life waiting for this guy to become the person you can see, vs. the guy he really is.

You’ve got to love the person he is today, and support the person he wants to become, not the guy you think he can be. If he wants to ‘realize his fullest potential’ it will be up to him. You can inspire him by being your best self!

Here’s Christine’s bio, and we didn’t think we could say it any better:
Christine Arylo, an m.b.a. turned writer, speaker and teacher, is an inspirational catalyst who teaches women how to stop being so hard on themselves. A recovering achievement junkie and doing addict herself, Arylo is the co-founder of Inner Mean Girl Reform School and the author of Choosing ME before WE, Every Woman’s Guide to Life and Love . Known as the “Queen of Self-Love,” Arylo created Madly in Love with ME, the international day of self-love (Feb 13), dedicated to making self-love a tangible reality for women and girls around the world. Visit her here–>>

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