brokenheartsmall.jpgby TW (T Dub) A Jackson

So you’re considering getting back together with your ex husband. This is a huge step and one which should not be entered into lightly. There are reasons why you split up in the first place. Unless these have been resolved you do not stand much chance of making a success of your relationship the second time around.

But it could have been a mistake to end your marriage and getting back together may be the right thing for you both. Only time will tell. But a couple of tips that you could follow to help ensure success would be:

1) Men hate small talk. Well at least most men do. They cannot understand why some women feel the need to talk about every minute detail of a problem. Men just want to see the bigger picture and if you force them to do detail, they will probably pull the shutters down. When this happens it does not lead to good communication between you.

2) When men say they are sorry and mean it they expect to be forgiven. They do not want you to continue sulking or to act like an elephant and remember that tiny incident forever. Most men are straight forward. They are big enough to admit when they make a mistake, apologise and move on. Do yourself a favour and accept they are sorry and let it go. Obviously this would not apply if they were physically or mentally abusive. If this is the case, kick them out and be done with it, because in most cases the man’s behaviour will only worsen.

3) Don’t assume that your ex husband knows you want him back. Men as a rule are useless at reading signals. They may make better map readers but when it comes to human nature, they often need to be told exactly what you want. This applies just as much inside the bedroom as in the rest of your relationship.

4) Don’t expect your man to rescue you from a life of boredom. Too many girls sit back and wait for the man in their life to make it interesting. Often men complain that the only topic of conversation in their house is the plot of some soap opera. Go have a life of your own. Just because you are part of a couple does not mean that you cannot do some things separately. While mutual interests are a great foundation of any relationship, so too is having the ability to have conversations. You cannot talk about life in general if you never leave the house or do anything interesting.

5) If you do succeed in getting back together with your ex husband, don’t let the relationship go stale again. Arrange date nights where it is just the two of you. If you cannot afford a sitter, put the kids to bed and then make an effort to dress up. Take the phone off the hook and spend the night absorbed in each others company.

Try the above hints and tips and getting back together with your ex husband may be the best move you ever made.

This guy, T.W., has a video on his site about what he calls “The Magic Of Making Up” that explains a lot (I tried to find a picture of him for here – but you can see him in the video – he’s rough but cute)…and his stuff deals with the details – what to do, what to say…check him and the free information he puts out right here->

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