relationship chemistryYou’ve felt it, that bright spark of amazing relationship chemistry that erupts near the beginning of most relationships.  All the early moments create fireworks for you and your  man. You just cant get enough of each other. The chemistry just seems to fuse you together, creating a bond that you can only assume will only grow with time. Even those around you notice the sparks that fly when you get together.

What Is Relationship Chemistry?

It’s not just chance that led us to express that bond of attraction and connection as “chemistry.” It’s the very real sense of chemical reaction that happens in your brain when you’re near him.  You know you have chemistry with another person when your knees start shaking every time you are near him, you begin to stammer, your stomach feels like a haven for butterflies and you get all sweaty all the time.

Chemistry is not just another word for love, because, sometimes, the relationship chemistry goes but the love remains, leaving the relationship without the zest that it had when you first fell in love. You want to revive the chemistry and reignite that original spark, because you still love the person and would like to make the relationship better.

The rush you get when you fall in love is like having a triple shot of espresso. It’s better than any sugar or adrenaline rush. Just being near him, you feel lighter on her feet, more excited about all around.  Suddenly everything is more animated, brighter.

But after a period of time, the relationship chemistry slips out of many relationships and the pace settles into something more regular and predictable. You’re past the “honeymoon period.” If you’re like most people, you want that relationship chemistry back.  Well, here are some tips on how to do just that.

You can build relationship chemistry through both the physical and the emotional.

Relationship Chemistry: The Physical and the Emotional

On the physical level, chemistry can die when you or your man become too relaxed and comfortable with your relationship and no longer put in the effort to build physical attraction. When this happens, one of you may lose your physical attraction and the physical chemistry as well.

A sign that you’re losing physical chemistry is a decline either in sex or in the great, fulfilling sex that you used to have.  When sex becomes to routine, it becomes boring and the chemistry disappears. Loss of attention to the physical attributes and to the physical contact is part of what causes these problems.  Put in the effort to get yourself back in shape and look good for your partner.  Your partner needs to know that you don’t take him for granted and that you still care enough to look good for him.

In terms of the sex itself: be adventurous! Find ways to spice up your sexual activities to make them more exciting and adventurous for both of you. To rekindle the physical chemistry, try to share something new about yourself and discover a new quality of your partner’s during sex.  Touch him like you are getting to know his body for the first time. Find a new place to get steamy.  Find your inner teenage and go parking!

With emotional chemistry, you could be losing this because you have grown tired of your partner’s habits.  His reactions seem too predictable, making communication no longer a process of true expression and discovery.

Refresh your emotional chemistry and find a new perspective by changing the scenery.  Find new contexts in which to know each other again. Take vacations, act out your fantasies, be open to one another and find a solution on how to bring the sparks back to each other.

Start by learning about what each of you wants out of the relationship and build on that. And in this process, make sure to be open to new ideas, don’t shut him down. If you truly love one another, you will find beautiful, new qualities you’ve each developed since you first met, and you’ll rekindle a bright new relationship chemistry.

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