Sometimes, a relationship is just not meant to be. Whether it’s bad timing, too many petty arguments, feeling like you’re at different places in your lives, some relationships are better left behind you.

When that happens, you need to make some decisions about how you’ll handle things.

There’s almost always going to be some sense of loss, maybe even grief. And that can stretch on for a while.

But there is something that you can do to make your recovery a bit faster.

Speeding Up Recovery

You know how many people say that you should remember the good times and appreciate that you had those in your life even though the relationship didn’t last?

Well, gratitude is wonderful. And that may be a nice thing to do at a later date, but right now remembering all of the fun and loving times you shared as a couple is not going to help you move on with your life. Instead, try doing just the opposite.

Any time you feel yourself reminiscing about the good times, take a few minutes to think about the not so good moments.

Maybe he had a braying kind of laugh that was embarrassing when you went out in public places together. He might have picked his teeth while others were still dining. Did he look at or flirt with other women? Did he criticize things about you? Did he not like your mother?

What were the things that most annoyed you and made you feel disconnected from him?

If you spend some time remembering the more irritating moments of your relationship, it will make you want to move forward to something new and more promising.

Now You’re Free

You’re free to get out there now and find someone better suited to you.

This time, you’ve got a chance to find someone who doesn’t think of himself as talented because he can burp the entire alphabet, or doesn’t find it hilarious to announce to guests that they probably want to avoid the bathroom that he’s just come out of for a while because it’s pretty toxic!

This is a totally new chance for you to upgrade your lifestyle a bit while, at the same time, upgrading your relationship with someone new and, hopefully, more mature than the last one.

There really isn’t anyone who’s a one hundred percent perfect human. But there IS someone who will be the best fit with you and the life you want to live.

Don’t ever be afraid it’s too late for you to find true love. Virginia Clark has a lot to say that will get your believing in and taking steps towards the relationship you want in your life. She her page HERE.

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