relationshipFrom the Editors: When we saw this book – we went – “huh?” Because at – we believe that “drama” is the LAST thing a man wants in a woman!

Nevertheless, we wanted to show this to you, because – if you’re a woman who enjoys drama – and are GOOD at it! – perhaps you can benefit from ideas in this video that will work for you.

In other words – even though we don’t personally endorse drama to create a good relationship – we DO believe that we should all play to our strengths, work with what works for us, and generally stop beating ourselves up.

We believe in USING what we know, what we do well, and what we like about ourselves.

So – see if this book is for you! Here’s what it’s about (a note from the author) and a link to get to it:

“Get a man attracted to you by making him uncomfortable. Annoy him to win his heart.

Wow – what a concept! Follow this link to the video–>>

Men want you to annoy them! It’s the secret of addictive love!

Have you ever triggered positive discomfort in a man’s mind?

You must be thinking – Wait a minute! How can discomfort be positive and why would I want to make a guy uncomfortable?

Well, there is an age old psychological concept which states that as humans we value the very thing we have to work hard for.

Men specially are genetically programmed to value the very thing which isn’t easy to attain.

Now I am not saying that you should play hard to get and make him run after you.

That concept is a myth and can actually turn a guy completely off.

What I am talking about is a cocktail of pleasure and discomfort mixed in together. It basically means that you make him feel 90% pleasure mixed with 10% discomfort.

This cocktail creates an intense sense of passion within a man’s body that is just hard to control.

This tunes up his emotional intensity towards you and he feels this hot, raw and intense love for you which is addictive and almost irreplaceable.

In fact, this concept works so well that he will actually enjoy chasing you and will get a special kind of feeling which will get him addicted to pursuing you.

I know it sounds weird right now, but I’ll show you a super easy way to put it into action.

Follow this link to discover it–>>


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