confidenceSo, if confidence looks like being comfortable in your own skin, and you’re not feeling particularly comfortable in your own skin, how do you get that feeling of confidence?

I’m not going to tell you it’s easy – therapists’ offices are overflowing with people who want to feel comfortable with themselves – but it’s not that hard, either.

Why aren’t we comfortable with who we are?

Are we afraid if anyone really saw us, they’d see all the icky stuff we have inside that we try to keep so carefully hidden?

Are we afraid if we got too close to someone (that wild Chemistry thing at the beginning doesn’t count) we’d crack, sooner or later, and all those frogs and toads we’ve got chained up in our basements will come pouring out?

Yeah, that’s it. And yet – who told you your frogs and toads are so bad?

Confidence Is Loving All Of Yourself

We all have parts inside us we don’t like – and we don’t like those parts because, somewhere along the road, someone (maybe a parent, maybe a teacher, maybe the billboards we see everywhere in our culture) told us that part just wasn’t okay.

It was ugly, it was stupid, it was unacceptable.

And so we walk around feeling really angry at all that, because, deep down, underneath all that “I’m not worthy” stuff, we really want to believe we’re very, very cool. And then the voices keep coming and telling us – Uh,uh. Nonstop.

So what do you do when your confidence seems to be leaking out all around you?

When you hear the Voice inside you telling you you’re not okay, you just say – Whoa, what a big, fat lie that is, and you take a baby-step toward what it is you actually desire.

Whatever that is. And if you’re reading this, it’s probably the man of your dreams.

Every Baby-step You Take Builds Your Confidence.

Every time you act confident, even a little, by being okay with wherever you are at that moment (no matter how loud the Voice is screaming at you in your head), you feel more confident.

It’s not a one-step job, but it can happen fast. Try it.

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