loveIf you believe you can have a dream love life and the kind of relationship you really want, you can have it.

Most of us have a voice in the back of our heads telling us what we can and can’t do – That great looking guy across the room would never be interested in me, There are no good men out there, It’s just too confusing and demeaning.

Forget all that. It’s not true!

In so much of our lives – what’s “true” is only what you think is true, and it may be only what you’ve experienced.

In order to experience something new and different – like dating success and a great love life, you have to move out of your comfort zone.

We’re All Afraid of Love

– yeah, really, otherwise you’d already have it, right?

It can be really scary to have someone truly close – close enough to see and know you, to love you.

So you may be comfortable just having scattered dates and no love and closeness.

Then you get to be right about it all not being possible anyway, you get to complain to your friends, and everything stays the same!

For Love, Move Out of Your Comfort Zone!

Change your attitude, change your results.

Believe you can have what you want in dating, romance and the big picture of love, and you’re on your way.

From Sarah:  We know that one of the most staggeringly effective ways to build real intimacy with a man almost overnight is to “get” his “personality type” quickly. When he feels understood, and you feel super safe, because you understand how the two of your personalities can work in harmony, he’ll open up emotionally to you – fast. To learn how to do this right, take a look at Attract The Hell Out of Him – Crack The Secret Code of His’ll not only know if he’s interested in you – you’ll be able to move from interest to love!

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