overwhelmsmall1by Peggy Mengel

Experience the body/mind connection of Yoga

When life gets busy, you may be tempted to turn to caffeine or sugar for instant energy. But according to most yoga and meditation teachers, you get a longer-lasting boost from a simple, but consistent yoga practice. Hold one of the below poses for five to eight breaths to open the muscles around your rib cage. This helps deepen your breathing, bringing more oxygen to your cells and increasing your energy.

If you don’t have a lot of time, you can still experience yoga’s benefits by doing even ONE pose each day. After a few weeks, you’ll begin to see the effects. Keep in mind the purpose of a strong yoga practice in general, is to develop a reserve, an ocean of energy….so when you need more, it’s there for you!

Which poses can give you an energy boost?

Warrior II
Extended Triangle
Extended Side Angle


When you feel tired and unmotivated, take a pause and examine the thoughts going through your mind:

Is it a stream of more “to do’s”?
Are a lot of “should’s or “have to’s” involved?
Do you discount what you have already accomplished?

Take two minutes and quickly write everything down. Then throw your paper away and the negative thoughts that go with it.


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