Essentially, intimacy is scary.

For some of us, it’s terrifying.

Going with a man who doesn’t light our fire, yet offers us true intimacy is a very confusing thing.

Staying away from a man who lights our fire but doesn’t offer or want true intimacy with us is painful and yet strangely comforting an attractive.

For me, it takes the will to be willing to be available, and to practice.

Working with imaginary men and imaginary circumstances, using the Modern Siren Tools in front of our mirrors, in the shower, in the kitchen – this is REAL “training” we can give ourselves.

We can do this constantly throughout each day, practicing new words, new body bearing, new feelings, new ways to shift from our heads to our hearts.

We can learn, in baby-steps, to open up to not-so-scary things like trees, flowers, dogs, and move slowly to open up to ourselves and our feelings.

And then, through Circular Dating – regardless of where we are in the “real world” at any given moment, we practice with humans in the flesh.

We take it out of our imaginations (and, truly, our imaginations are as “real” to our brains as what we consider real life – just not as intense), and onto the “street.”

We take it into our personal lives with our family, friends, lovers, husbands, dates, the men at the shop counter and the men at the speed dating event, the men at the party, the men at the bar.

Here’s where “real men” in “real circumstances” take it up a notch, triggering us and forcing us to choose between our old ways and new ways we’re learning.

This is the Rori Raye Method in a nutshell.

It’s about learning to NOT think. Learning to feel.

And though it’s about not thinking, it’s still about practicing Tools that require you to be aware of where you are and what you’re choosing at any given moment – in a heart, body and sensation sense.

All of this is made much more challenging if you are dating or in a relationship with a Toxic Man.

I invite you to get my Toxic Man program – where you’ll learn early on if your guy is toxic, or just making mistakes. And if you’re in a relationship with a toxic man, what to say, and not say, and how to shift the power in the relationship.

Love, Rori

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