Last week I sent you an invitation to register for a special training class that Frank and I will be doing this Wednesday at 5 PM Pacific for GlobalTeleClass.

If you have not registered please do see right away! I absolutely want to make sure you get in. There’s going to be a huge turnout for this one-hour event and registration is filling up fast. You’ll understand why when you read the bullet points below.

This is a tele-class which means you can join us from the comfort of your own phone. To register click on this link now.

Many of you have tuned into The MatchMatrix Show and by now have become very familiar with “Energetic” compatibility. It’s so fun to receive your questions and provide answers that are enlightening for so many thousands of listeners.

Tomorrow night for our Global TeleClass we will be talking about:
• How our energetic patterns run our lives in so many ways
• What the energetic influence means to our friends, family, co-workers and loved ones
• Why it’s so important for our own health and happiness to be aware of this critical Third Dimension, which is at influence whenever we connect with others
• How to use your new knowledge to empower yourself and others to be their best at home, work or play
• How to be truly present, appreciative and unconditionally loving

In addition to being able to share all this we are also very excited about the event because it opens the doors for you to experience some of the finest teachers and thought-leaders in the world.

Beyond our tele-class, you can participate in as many classes as you wish from the comfort of your home and convenience of your telephone or computer.

Access to this very special platform means you will be trained, motivated and inspired by some of the most respected speakers in the Health, Personal Development and Sales & Marketing Industries. It is a great privilege to be on the same platform with so many fine speakers and thought leaders.

To see the scheduled for all the speakers for the Month of March, go to Go to:
Remember, these classes are being offered at no cost to you and you can listen from the comfort of your home and convenience of your telephone or computer.

Register right now for tomorrow’s GlobalTeleClass with Frank Seifert and myself.

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