invitationheartFrom Sarah – I just got this from my friend Tara Morino, who’s just now giving away free coaching sessions, and I wanted to you to check her out:

With the imminent launch of the new coaching site! I would like to take you through a little bit about what life coaching is and what it could mean to you. This week I would like to start with square one – What is a Women’s Life Coach?

Each one of us has a certain amount of in-built stubbornness, an inherent belief that we can “go it alone” and this will somehow fix whatever problems and issues we’re faced with. Sometimes we just trust that things will change, and many of us go by the mantra that “this too shall pass!” While there’s a lot to be said for a certain amount of tenacity and the will to go forward at all times, it’s often not advisable to hold feelings and emotions within, to put off ambitions due to a perceived lack of time, or to otherwise be a martyr to life’s pressures.

It’s true to say that some people view a women’s life coach with a certain amount of trepidation, confusion or uncertainty. Some people think that she is merely a therapist of some kind, and the thought of “seeing a therapist” may not be socially acceptable. Others may not be sure exactly how a life coach could help them achieve greater things, and due to this misunderstanding, they do not make any effort to investigate.

It’s important to realize that the job of a therapist is, largely, to look at a person’s past and to see how events and circumstances may – sometimes subconsciously, be affecting a person’s life today. Insofar as the therapist looks backward in this way, the life coach looks at the present day and forward. A good life coach will put everything in perspective and work with strengths and successes, some of which may not be consciously apparent to the client.

A relationship between a life coach and a client is completely open and is not based on any perceived standards, patterns or concepts. The coach endeavours to fully understand the client and open up other life perspectives. She will then suggest and help to implement an action plan and encourage the client forward toward a more sustainable life, one which is full of promise and enjoyment.

Life is more complicated now than it ever has been, and it’s unlikely to get any less so. With so many pressures from so many different angles, it makes sense to hear the thoughts of another who is professionally committed to the role of a mentor, someone who is helping women from all walks of life achieve their highest potential.

With love and beauty always,
Tara Marino

From Sarah: I’m letting you know about this, because I really think Tara is great, and that her site alone is totally helpful…AND right now she’s GIVING AWAY – FREE a “Femme design assessment, Life Coaching – Tara Style!” Tara says “I’d love to be able to help bring a little perspective and emotional freedom into your life through The Elegant Femme System.” You can email her here to set up your free session – or just – go visit her site

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