Four Signs Of An Unavailable Man

datingby David Wygant

I know you have experienced dating this man many times before. So how do we avoid him.

1. He’s very sporadic in the way he calls you.

He’ll call you once in a while. You’ll have some momentum. Then you go out on a date or two or even three, and then he won’t call you again for two weeks.

What does that mean? He’s unavailable. Not a man who’s busy. He’s shopping for other women, looking around, in another relationship, whatever it might be.

2. He tells you everything.

“Oh my God, he’s just the best!” you tell your friends. When you’re out on a date with him, it’s unreal. You feel like you have met your soul mate. You feel like you have met the guy that you’re supposed to spend the rest of your life with. It’s the most incredible feeling you’ve ever experienced while dating. And then he disappears and doesn’t call you for four days.

He’s what I call the promiser.

Dating The “Promiser”

He looks great in person while he’s right in front of you, but in reality he cannot act on any of the promises. Granted, you actually may be exactly what he really wants in a woman, but something is holding him back and he’ll be floating in and out. He’s an unavailable man.

3. He tells you he’s not looking for a relationship right from the beginning.

He tells you this the very first date, but still you think about what he said and, being a female, well, you think some more.

You think: “He doesn’t mean what he says. Once he gets me, once we start seeing each other on a regular basis, once we start sleeping together, once we start hanging, he’s going to realize he’ll want a relationship.”

No. He told you from the get-go. You need to listen more and interpret less. You need to realize he’s being honest. Which leads me to number four…

4. He talks the talk…

Listen really carefully to everything the man says. See if all his stories match up. Listen carefully and see if his words are backed by actions. Men that are unavailable will tend to speak a lot, and they’ll talk about great things. They’ll seem amazing on paper. But when you’re around him a while, his actions will not back up his words.

Those Are Four Easy Tips to Know If You’re Dating an Unavailable Man

Of course there are plenty of other ones. And of course this is NOT definitive or guaranteed. I don’t want to get inside your head that much. But I do want you to realize that if a man that you’re dating has any one of those characteristics (or more than one), there’s a good chance that he is unavailable and he’s not worthy of your time.

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