lisa steadmanby Lisa Steadman

Have you said yes when you really meant no, accepted disrespect when you really wanted respect, and sacrificed yourself for someone else’s happiness?

If so, you may be too well behaved.

And you know what else? You may be squelching your true self.

I used to do that.

Once upon a time, I followed everybody else’s rules.

I accepted less than I deserved.

And I found myself in relationship after relationship that didn’t meet my needs.

Guess what else? I was miserable!

And I stayed miserable until one day…
I woke up to the fact that I wanted and deserved more
I tuned in to my inner voice that said This is the way to your dream life…
I gave myself permission to follow that voice as it got louder and clearer, and led the way to my dream life

Today, I’m very blessed. Not lucky. Let’s be clear. There is no luck here. I did the work, took the risks, and now enjoy the rewards.

If you’re reading this and thinking…
That’s great for you but that will never work for me
I can’t afford to risk that much
True love, happiness, and blissful living are only possible for people with money, good looks, a trust fund, etc…

Stop right there. It’s just not true.

When I started this journey, I had very little.

There wasn’t a lot of money in the bank.

My family didn’t understand why I needed to leave my stable job and pursue this unknown and scary career of helping women heal
their hearts after a breakup.

People looked at me, puzzled, when I told them that I had moved/rented out my beautiful condo and was sleeping on my best friend’s living room floor for the summer.


And I stand by that statement. See, if I had continued down the road of being well behaved, I never would have…
Let go of my ex
Walked away from a life I knew to step into my passion profession, complete with amazing clients, book deals, and abundance
Met, attracted, and married the love of my life

With my great risks, came great reward.

The same is true for you. If you’re stuck in a life that no longer works…
Trying to make the best of a no-win relationship
Feeling so squelched and suffocated by playing small
Ignoring that voice that’s telling you This is the way to your dream life…
Then everything will stay the same. Forever.


Instead, isn’t it time to misbehave?

Let me rephrase that. NOW is the time to misbehave!

And it starts by investing in your magnificent future.

It starts by saying yes to what’s possible for you.

It starts by being willing to risk in order to enjoy rewards greater than you ever imagined.

I want to help you live your best life.

I want to help you get unblocked.

I want to help you heal your heart and manifest your heart’s desire.

Together, we can do anything. So come on, let’s misbehave!

From Sarah: Lisa Steadman is amazing. I had the pleasure of being introduced to her and having tea with her, and she’s just so real…and her story is so amazing. I know you’ll want to get her free newsletters and find out more about her coaching…especially if you’re suffering a broken heart right now. Just go here:

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