You can have it all, but it’s your responsibility to focus it into being – to have an unwavering belief that what you want exists, to hold that vision and NEVER SETTLE for less than what you truly want and deserve.

by Helena Hart

For me, this looked like seeing every single experience as getting me one step closer to what I wanted. This means that…

💞 Every time I attracted a man who was at a stage of his life where he couldn’t prioritize a relationship, it added to my desire for a man who wants the same things as I do and was ready to build something meaningful.

💞 Every time a man was “hot and cold” (or disappeared altogether), it added to my desire for a man who’s consistent, reliable and KNOWS what he wants.

💞 Every time I attracted a man who wasn’t over his ex (or had a similar issue that was preventing him from fully committing), it added to my desire for a man who’s 100% available and ready for a relationship.

💞 Every time a man showed me that he wasn’t stable in some way, it added to my desire for a man who’s emotionally mature, self-aware and in control of himself.

💞 In all of these cases, I trusted myself and my vision for the relationship I wanted – and I quickly moved on (as difficult as that was at times). I felt a genuine appreciation for those experiences, because they ADDED TO the clarity of what I wanted.

💞 As much as I could, I continuously lined up with my growing DESIRE for this relationship I was creating in my mind and heart – rather than allowing myself to go into a downward spiral of frustration and discouragement.

💞 I share exactly how to do this in my latest video, the link is in the comments if you want to check it out! It wasn’t always easy, but I’m SO glad I got support when I needed it and never gave up.

💞 I’m so grateful for this incredible man who always wants to know how I’m feeling and make me happy, never lets me forget how much he loves me, wants to spend lots of quality time together every day and consistently plans for our future together.

💞 He supports me in everything I do, and helps me fall in love with the parts of myself that I have a hard time showing to others. I love how vulnerable, transparent and open we can be with each other – and how we grow closer and stronger together every day.

💞 I’ve never once felt anxious or unsure about where I stand with him because he makes it clear with his ACTIONS that I’m a top priority to him. I want this so much for all of the amazing women in my community, and I’m honored to be a part of your journey! Let me know if there’s anything I can do to support you.

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