datingby Allana Pratt

Dating forces risks on you, and, for that reason, it can seem super scary.  When life is predictable all the time we have this feeling of being safe, but I want you to know it’s really an illusion. Every day is the unknown.

Staying within the confines of the predictable and comfortable stops us from being able to experience the realm of the amazing world beyond the predictable and comfortable.  How can you know what you are missing or if you are living life to its full potential if you don’t step out of your comfort zone every now and then?

Dating Is a Risk

But, I think if we proactively take risks in our life we can grow and actually reach our dreams and goals even faster.  It might be something as simple as wearing a new bright red sweater.  I took a big step and I left my home and moved all the way to LA and ended up in Tokyo. I took the risk of living my dreams.

Dating Terrified Me

For a long time I was a single mom.  Finding a man to pursue a relationship with was a risk every time I put my profile on an online matchmaking service and then played the dating game.  Some of those dates were absolutely horrific and others were really wonderful, but each one of them was an important part of the woman I am today.

The bottom line is I took control of my future, my destiny, my happiness.  With that control, I was willing to take the risks. Taking risks opens up a whole world of possibilities you could be denying yourself. Start small. Wear your new red sweater. Work your way up to dating.

From Sarah:  Allana’s such a strong woman, but she wasn’t always.  And she’s using her amazing journey to help others find the same inner strength.  Check her out, and you’ll soon find you’re approaching dating in a whole new way.

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