by Chellie Campbell

“Sometimes you have to look reality in the eye-and deny it.”-Garrison Keillor

The vast majority of people pay much too much attention to reality. The current reality, that is; what s happening in the news right now. So when the housing market heated up, people flocked to sign up with liar loans for mortgages they couldn t afford for houses priced out of their ability to pay for them. Then, when those adjustable rates adjusted, and people started defaulting when their monthly payments went up, the financial institutions reeled with the realization that everybody had bet the farm but there was no one who could afford the farm any more.

Then when companies failed, housing prices fell, and stocks lost their value, people felt the fear, gulped, and tried to bail out, which only served to make more companies fail, housing prices collapse, and the stock market lose more in one day than it s done in most of our lifetimes.
So are you doing your affirmations or your desperations?

Relaxxxx. Breathe. Stay centered. Stay focused on what you want and not what you don t want. This is the Law of Attraction and the hardest time to remember it is when you most need to remember it. This too shall pass, and the good times will come again. You only lose if you panic. Hold on!

Here are six facts to help dispel the fear – these were sent to me by Harrison Lazarus, President of Harrison Lazarus Advisors, Inc.,

6 Facts to Help Dispel the Fear
1. In January of 1970, a bear market started that lasted until May of that year. The market during that time fell 35.4%. In May, a bull market began that lasted until January 1973 and brought a 124% gain in stock values.

2. In April 1981, another bear market commenced that lasted nearly a year and brought a 24.7% decline. Then, in March of 1982, the market began to rise and continued doing so until June 1983, bringing an overall gain of 71.7%.

3. July 1990 brought a downward market that lasted three months, until October 1990, at which point equity prices had fallen 22.4%. Then, in the same month, a new, now legendary, bull market took hold and lasted nearly eight years, until July 1998, delivering a 330.7% gain for the market.

4. Dating back to 1975, 8 of the last 15 bull markets have started in the autumn months of September, October, and November.

5. Since 1957 there have been 15 bear markets, as measured from peak to trough, and on average they have lasted 10 months and brought an average decline of 29.4%.

6. The duration and degree of these bear markets were significantly less than the duration and magnitude of bull markets. During the same period, there were also 15 bull markets, which lasted, on average, 30 months and brought average gains of 112.5%.

There, doesn t that make you feel better? It did me. Right after I got that the stock market roared back 400 points. We all need good sources of information and coaching to remember the positive during trying times so we can take the long view instead of panicking over the short one. Someone told me once that I should never make a permanent decision while in a temporary state of mind. That s good advice!

Below, I ve added my own list of things you can do right now.

Chellie s List of 6 Actions to Help You Be Rich and Happy:

1. Double up on your affirmations. When you think positive, you look positive, and people are drawn to those who are happy and successful even during stressful situations. Here are a few of my favorites:

“I am a successful money manager and always make smart financial decisions.”
“I invest wisely and well and all my investments pay me handsome rewards.”
“I am a winner. I win often and I win big!”

2. Network! Support your fellow business owners and buy their goods and services. And then there will be people who can buy from you, too. Money has to circulate to keep an economy thriving. What goes around, comes around.

3. When stock prices are low, it s a buying opportunity.

4. When real estate prices are low, it s a buying opportunity.

5. Buy low and sell high – remember? Most people don t, though. They buy when prices are high because they re afraid they ll be priced out of the market, then they sell when prices are low because they re afraid they re going to lose their investment. Don t make fear-based decisions – make smart investment decisions.

6. Invest in learning and growing. Take a class, get a coach, get support. Get solid professional advice from people you trust who have been through the up-and-down cycles in the economy before. Then follow it. Below, you can find a Financial Stress Reduction Workshop near you.
Read Day 32 from “The Wealthy Spirit” – it can calm your spirit and remind you of the fullness of life:

“Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces up, snow is exhilarating; there is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.”-John Ruskin

Perhaps it is winter now for you. Winter, when the trees have shed the last of their clothes and chill is in the air whether or not snow is on the ground. If the frost has reached in and touched your heart-and your pocketbook-and left you frozen with grief and helplessness, there is comfort to be found in the continuum of the seasons.

Spring will come again. The snows will melt from around your heart, your frozen assets will thaw, the seedlings of the money tree will sprout new leaves of green cash.

Winter is a time of quiet hibernation, a drawing within, harboring your inner resources. Take time to breathe and relax. Meditate. Pray. But stay away from desperate, needy entreaties! Remember that they re affirmations, not desperations.

Make your prayers ones of gratitude for whatever warmth remains in your life. Thank God for the gifts of fortitude, endurance, patience, persistence, and faith. Remember with assurance that spring will arrive-and on time-again. Focus on the abundance that is coming, rather than on the cold hearth of the present.

Beneath the surface of the barren ground, vibrant life is waiting for its rebirth in spring. Brilliant diamonds lie hidden in the heart of coal, and golden threads of a new dawning are just around the corner from the stars and moonbeams of the night. The sun will warm the earth again, the grass will grow, your heart will lighten. Love and money will renew their acquaintance with you, tipping their hats and nodding good day.

Winter is an excerpt from “The Wealthy Spirit” by Chellie Campbell (Sourcebooks, 2002). Click here to sign up for the first “30 Days to a Wealthy Spirit” delivered as a daily inspirational email

Keep the faith, and remember – “People love to give you money!”

I know Chellie from networking groups (before she became famous – and she’s really famous in the “How To Make Money” world right now) – and she’s just as down-to-earth as she ever was. You’ll love “The Wealthy Spirit” and I love her “Zero To Zillionaire” even more – there’s LOTS of stuff for free on her site, and you’ll feel better just looking at her face…

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