Figuring Out What He Means When He Says…

Understanding what men mean can be extremely challenging.

by Christian Carter

So I’m going to do some “decoding” what men “really” mean when they say common things. Consider this your own personal “male language translator”. Refer to it often.

WHEN A MAN SAYS … “I don’t want a serious relationship right now.”

WHAT HE REALLY MEANS IS…“I only want a relationship with a woman who already has her act together, is attractive, healthy, independent, easy-going, confident, and who is emotionally in control of herself and her own life. When we’re together I want her to share her feelings and challenge and inspire me to keep her love and interest, and to be a great man. But I also want her to know how to do this without trying to change me or turning our relationship into more work and less fun than I can have on my own.”

Does this make sense? Again, he’s not imagining a picture of an overly-emotional, predictable, needy woman who is trying to get him to connect with her and sharing her feelings because she’s so worried about things “working out.” Big difference.

What Does A Man Really Mean By “Independent Woman?”

WHEN A MAN SAYS …”I want an independent woman.”

WHAT HE REALLY MEANS IS…“I want a woman who doesn’t get upset about petty things and who knows how to keep her head when things get tough or confusing. But, I also want her to be in touch with her feelings so that she doesn’t repress her emotions and end up more frustrated and resentful of me. When she’s alone and intimate with me, she’s open and ‘present,’ and she’ll share her love and affection freely.”

What a man is NOT doing is making a picture of a passive woman whose entire mood and state of mind is dependent on what she thinks is the state of her relationship and what it means that a man did or said something.

How Can Women Know What A Man Really Means?

WHEN A WOMAN SAYS… “I want a guy who’s a good communicator.”

WHAT SHE REALLY MEANS IS…”I want a guy who doesn’t talk all the time, because he knows how to let me know what’s on his mind without using words. I want the kind of guy that can touch me in a certain way and I feel tingles all over my body. I want the kind of guy that can say things in a way that I understand, not crudely and overly aggressive.”

Women have their own interpretation of “good communicator,” just like men have their own interpretation of “independent woman.” It’s important to understand what men REALLY mean when they say things.