by Kathryn Weber

Computers are a wonderful tool for helping us communicate with friends around the world, produce presentations and documents, balance our checkbooks and, in short, run our businesses and our lives.

There is no doubt that we are completely dependent upon computers today and few homes are without a personal computer. Few of us are able to work when our computers stop working because of bugs, viruses or a log-jam of files.

To make yourself more efficient at work and in your business, you should take steps to ensure that your computer is a lean, mean, computing machine.

When your computer isn t in top form, you don t think well, your mood is colored with frustration (and anger, sometimes!) and you don t work as well when you feel this way. Most importantly it takes you out of what I call “receive mode” — that’s the where energy flows to you bringing you opportunities, income, prestige and advancement.

These steps will help you clear the decks and keep your computer in top form all while making you more efficient, able to think more clearly, and opening you up to more opportunities — and keeping you in receive mode!

1. Clean files for clear thinking.
When our computers are a mess, it s hard for us to be efficient or to think clearly. That s because when files are hard to find, we get frustrated and annoyed and this clouds our interactions and our daily mood. Organization equals efficiency and the ability to think clearly. Clear out old, rarely used files and programs.

2. Cords create havoc.
Whenever we see clutter and mess, it brings our energy level down. One of the most unattractive aspects of computers are all the cords. Corral cords with zip-ties and Velcro wrappers. Pull stray cords to one side and anchor them to a small cup hook so that you don t accidentally pull them with your feet. Otherwise, you might constantly find yourself in “a tangle” with people and situations, too.

3. Create a beautiful view.
Because I like to focus on what I want, I place a beautiful waterfall image on my screensaver. Of course, water is wealth in feng shui! Use beautiful views of fish, waterfalls, fields, or streams to create a window where there is none. The screen of your computer should inspire you when you see it and give you a view you love.

4. Protection first.
In feng shui, the first priority should always be protective feng shui. This is especially true of your computer. When you work on the Internet, it s important that you use some kind of protection like Norton, McAfee or other form of firewall to protect you from people who might try to take your sensitive information. This also will help maintain your computer s speed and that helps you to be more efficient too.

5. Old, outdated files hold you back.
Do you have old projects or old files that you still need but not every day? Get an external hard drive. Think of these as a mini-storage room for your computer. You can get a huge external hard drive that allows you to dump huge files (like photos and music) on there and get the old files that you rarely use OFF your machine. When your machine moves fast, so do you. Plus, by clearing out the old stuff, such as old client and business files, you create room for NEW clients and business to come to you.

6. Clean screens help you see clearly.
When your screen is full of dirty, greasy fingerprints, you can t think clearly or see what you need to do at work. Make it a point to AVOID touching your computer screen and regularly clean it off.

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  1. Katie Weber on October 3, 2008 at 6:43 am

    Hi — I just wanted to say thanks for carrying my article on Feng Shui-ing your computer. What a great blog you have here! Lots of FABULOUS topics that are right in line with today’s thinking. I’m signing up to receive your articles NOW!

    Thanks again.

    Katie Weber
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  2. Sam on October 9, 2008 at 8:37 am

    This article is very good. I think it is important to keep a clean computer. A well maintained computer will never let you down. There are a few more things you can do for your computer to help it along, like removing old programs, cleaning the registry, and defragmenting the harddrive. Thanks!

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