feng shui for romanceby Kathryn Weber

Question: “My front door faces north and I heard that there could be a problem with infidelity next year. Should I worry about my husband straying?”

Kathryn’s Answer:

Next year has the romance or “Sexy Star” in the north.

This is a lot better than the 5 Yellow that parked in the north sector last year!

But, rather than being a problem, you could look at the sexy star being at your front door in one of two ways — that your husband could stray or that the two of you might be more romantic together!

Personally, I rather you see the positives of the sexy star arriving at your front door than concentrate on infidelity. But, you know your husband better than I do and if you think there could be a problem with predatory females or that he might develop a roving eye, you have a couple of feng shui options.

Feng Shui to Counteract Infidelity

The first is to get an amethyst geode and tie it with with red ribbon to the foot of your bed on your husband’s side.

This will help “anchor” him and keep him from straying.

The second is to place a picture of a pair of butterflies above your bed to help conjure youthful romantic love for the two of you.

Try both and put some extra energy into your relationship with date nights or a romantic rendezvous for the two of you — the year will support your relationship.

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