feeling stuckBy Robert Weil

Are you feeling stuck?…You really want to make something happen, but you can’t seem to get in action?

Where do you begin?  I often notice an interesting thing about people feeling stuck…that in a funny way sometimes people sort of like being stuck.  It is a kind of respite from dealing with life, and being at risk in a particular area.  When we’re stuck, we don’t actually have to be doing anything that leaves us feeling vulnerable or at risk.  We don’t have to go and interview like crazy, or network to find a job or grow our business, or date, or have difficult conversations with people…because after all…we’re stuck.

There is though, a compelling reason to get unstuck…

Getting back in action, taking risks, making things happen and living true to your values and deep desires is one of the main places where true happiness and a deep level of fulfillment live.

So let’s play!

Here Are Three Things to Stop You Feeling Stuck…

Remember you have to do them to get unstuck.

Do something outside of your box today.  Even if it is not in the area where you’re stuck.  In order to get unstuck sometimes you need to shake things up.  Pick something that for YOU is out of the box, and maybe even a little risky.  Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while just to say hi, cook a romantic dinner for someone, go to a fun event, play a sport, sign up to run a marathon, get some friends and create a weight loss or fitness challenge, do something, anything to start shaking things up.  Try it, but not just once, try it e-v-e-r-y day for a week or two, see how you feel and let us know.

Communicate.  Share what you are dealing with, thinking about, what you want to create, how you are feeling…open up to others.  Have a conversation you have been meaning to have with someone, say that something that has been on your mind, acknowledge someone, thank someone…just start sharing.  Communications that you are thinking but not saying lead to more of being stuck.  Putting up with a situation in your life that does not honor you or work for you will keep you feeling stuck.  And keeping emotions inside will keep you feeling stuck.  Check in with yourself and see if any of these ring true for you.  And then get in communication with someone.  Staying in your own head is a sure way to stay stuck.

Talk to friends and family to reset their thinking.  Do you have friends or family who listen to you complain about feeling stuck and empathize with you.  That is the worst.  Tell your friends or family that you are not into being stuck in that area anymore and you are ready to take action.  Ask them to stop feeling bad for you or listening to you like there is nothing you can do about it, or like you are confused or overwhelmed.  You can do something about everything in your life.  And the sooner you start believing that the better. Setting up people around you to listen to you in that way will help you to stay true to that new way of thinking.

Sometimes our feeling stuck just goes away…but why wait for sometime…when…

You Can Stop Feeling Stuck Now!

From Sarah: Robert Weil is the Senior Executive Coach and President of the Institute for Coaching, which is full of highly skilled and result producing experts in life, career and executive coaching.  For any of these fields, check them out to find out how you can stop feeling stuck!

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