feel goodWhen you fall asleep immersed in feel good feelings, you are training your body and mind to accustom to these feelings again and thus feel them more frequently and with increasing levels of comfort. You are reprogramming your brain to feel good.

But have you ever wondered if you will reinforce the feel bad feelings or reprogram them back if you feel asleep while feeling bad, while your mind if looping negative thoughts, when the voices in your head are screaming awful things, those lying what I call gremlin voices?

A very sweet and deeply thoughtful client asked me this wonderful question which I had taken for granted. I really had to think hard about to come up with an answer that made sense not only to me but anyone else who might think about these things.

Feel Good Feelings Will Out Trump Feel Bad Feelings

And I will explain to you why. When you are asleep your body goes into a very deep state. It’s deeply relaxed. You can reassure yourself of this by checking in with your body the second you wake up, EVERYTHING is completely and utterly at ease. Nothing hurts anywhere, not physically or emotionally.

You may only be able to feel this for a split second, for you could start to tighten up right away mostly because you immediately start to THINK upon awakening, and tension sets in.

The nasty, lying gremlin voices will probably start talking to you too.

Your fears invade, and you close down a little here, a little there, maybe a lot, and maybe you are even unaware of any of it.

And this is simply habit, your protective mechanisms kicking back in, unwarranted maybe but there nonetheless. AND the good news is, habits CAN be changed, reprogrammed if you will.

BUT while you were asleep, you were in total and absolute relaxation. Your body WANTS this, craves it even. It wants to feel good, at peace, calm.

So when you are on the brink of sleep, the more you are able to really sink into whatever feeling you are having at this time, the more opportunity will there will to transform yourself and thus change the bad habits. And the transformation becomes more pronounced the more you can fall into a deep state of sleep.

You CAN Transform The Feel Bad Feelings Into Feel Good Ones

  1. The bad feeling stuff will move through you and more quickly simply
  2. The good feeling stuff will be settle into you on a cellular level.

So why, you might ask, would the feel good feeling stuff stay with you somewhere in your body if only as a trace memory and the feel bad feeling stuff move on out?

You were born in a pure state. Somewhere deep inside of you, your HEART, your BODY, your MIND, and your SOUL remember this feeling. These parts of you desperately wish to be this again, as in coming home. And they will soak up the feel good feeling stuff like a desiccated sponge. This is the TRUE familiar, the state that your body began in and wants to re-establish.

The other stuff is at core foreign. Remember we are all born as love. So your being will in a sense reject it. Your being wants to let this stuff go because it’s not what it knows nor needs to thrive on at core. It’s not what you really desire despite the constant barrage in your waking state.

In the sleep state, your body can operate from its wisdom which we aren’t always so much while awake.

Your smart being releases what doesn’t feel good, and it incorporates what does feel good.

When you know this on a conscious level, you can work with this, or play with it, so that more and more your sleeping wise being more closely aligns with your awake being though I would say that our sleeping body’s eyes are far more open and awake, and our awake body far more asleep with eyes wide closed.

Your heart, body, and mind DO want peace and love. Your being wants to feel good, ALWAYS and ALL THE TIME.

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