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Every time Faith Hill is interviewed she talks about her wonderful relationship with Tim. They’ve been married 12 years and have three daughters. The ratings speak for themselves. They’re in a terrific situation.

Faith and Tim are doing a special for the holiday season as well as a cover story on People Magazine. Check it out. Look for the energy between them, the sparkle in their eyes and how they treat each other. You can almost feel the love flowing as if it were passing through you.

Eneregetic Compatibilty Rating

Friends 87%
Lovers 87%

Each of them has a significant Personality Modifier. There are five possible Modifiers. A person can have no modifiers, one or multiple Modifiers; they give a deeper look into other dimensions of a person’s personality. They offer a major benefit and can also create challenges in relationships. The negative effect of Modifiers is most apparent in relationships where people have poor alignments in the Lifestyle Traits. On the other hand, Modifiers usually sit in the back and have moderate effect when people are well aligned in the Lifestyle Traits.

Faith has the Achiever Modifier. That gives her the ability to focus all of her emotional energy on a single objective. There is nothing outside of that target that will get any of her emotional attention while she holds it as a goal. If she was poorly aligned with Tim he would feel emotionally abandoned. Because Faith has good alignments with Tim he knows that when Faith appears to be ignoring him it has nothing to do with how much she loves him.

Tim has the Manipulator Modifier. He has lots of good ideas and plans about the things that he wants to do. He also has the personality to put it out there. The challenge is that it’s difficult for him to get the rubber to the road and actually make those dreams come true. Men with this Modifier see themselves as entrepreneurs. What they discover however, is they need a team to realize their success. They are the rainmaker if they have back office support to make it happen.

Because of their good alignments Faith and Tim share such strong energetic support that the Modifiers have little effect on their relationship.

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