moneytreeprettysmallAnother free teleclass….isn’t this fun?! Oh…and I heard these guys once on a free call…and they gave LOTS of great stuff…Sarah

How did this happen?

Thousands of you didn t even get our email letting you know about our one-time call with the three of us last week! Huh?

It was a powerfully, transformational call for thousands of others and we were really disappointed to hear you didn t get to be part of it. We couldn t just leave you hangin .

So, what are we going to do about it? We re inviting you to be coached by us and pay nothing!

You can join us for the 1st session in this one-time Happiness and Abundance program we re offering. This is your only chance to act! Tuesday, 10/6, 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. Eastern. Experience it for yourself, on us, and then decide whether to continue in the program. Here s the link:

No special sign-ups to get access to this coaching call. No time spent on intros, program description, etc. Just pure Coaching by three masters! (It s as if you paid to be one of our lucky participants)

Also, we heard many of you who did attend the live call had the following questions:

o How is this program different from others?
o How do I release my subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs if they are SUB-conscious? And I feel STUCK!

There are potent answers to both of these questions but the only way you ll discover them is if you experience it yourself. Here s the link:

We have never done this before and had some reservations about doing it now but here s the thing…the three of us are on a mission to help millions. We realize we will likely never offer this again.

We understand many of you have been made promises by other teachers and have not experienced results in your life. We figure the only way you ll KNOW if this program will help change your life is if you actually participate in the coaching program. Then you decide for yourself if you want to continue.

If you love it, buy it. If you don t then don t buy it.

The no-charge coaching call is TUESDAY 10/6, 8:00 p.m. Eastern
Here s your special link:


David, Kristin and Marci

p.s. There are only 2000 lines available for more than 40,000 of you. The first 2000 to jump on this opportunity will get to coach with us for no charge. When we run out of spots, we run out of spots. There will be not be a replay so you have to be live if you want to take advantage of this.

p.p.s. Those who paid for this program are GUARANTEED a spot!

p.p.s. Who knows, it just might be the thing that changes your life forever. Here s your link:

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