friend cardIf you have ever spent time looking for an important document, or your keys, or your cell phone, you will relate to this article.

How often have YOU been the one to hide the needle in the haystack? Does your formula for success elude you?


This week I invite you to look at the consequences of your actions.

No matter what you do (or don’t do), EVERYTHING COUNTS.

What are the consequences for an unopened piece of mail? Or an hour spent calling clients? Or taking a moment to surf the internet? Action is what brings your hopes and dreams into reality.

What could happen if you lived like every moment counted? (It does and you are…if you know what I mean!)


Throughout the day, repeat to yourself, “Everything counts”! Apply this little mantra to everything. Find yourself making decisions that move you forward. Here is a list of things to consider as part of “everything”:

  • What you eat
  • Exercise options
  • Phone calls to clients, friends, family
  • What you set aside until tomorrow
  • Being on time
  • What you wear
  • Sense of humor
  • Gossip
  • Smiling

This is an opportunity to become very present. It is a moment to moment exercise in consciousness.


What came up for you this week? Did you make changes in your choices? Did you feel driven? Or were you able to relax into a zen-like approach to noticing “everything”? Did you become aware that “everything counts” has always applied to your life?

If you found yourself full of self-blame, you might notice whether it is helpful. Attitudes can only be helpful when they empower you to be happy and make positive differences.

Live Your Light!
Carole Hodges


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