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The very first thing is to Envision a Goal. Once you have envisioned this goal, write it down. To quote Anthony Robbins “The most important rules that I ever adopted to help me in achieving my goals were those I learned from a very successful man who taught me to first write down the goal.”

Once you have Envisioned your Goal and have written it down you then need to make a plan. Without a plan you are like a person who is trying to build a house without any blueprints. You know in your mind what you want the house to look like but there is nothing to show you how to lay the foundation upon which to build your house.

Once you Make a Plan, an organized effort to accomplish something, then Create Strategies. Strategies are the nuts and bolts of a plan. The devil is in the details. Have you ever heard that expression? Strategies are the details. In order to successfully achieve your goals the development of a strategic plan is essential.

You may ask yourself “How do I create a strategic plan to achieve my goal?” Here is an example that lays out simple steps:

GOAL – Lose 10 pounds in 30 days.

PLAN – Workout and Eat Less

Workout – Schedule a doable workout each day.
Eat Less – Plan each meal and stick to your plan. NO VARIATIONS! When your stomach screams “Feed Me!” you know you are winning.

Ask yourself the following questions:

1. What is your Goal?
2. What do you want to achieve? – Write it down
3. When do you want to achieve this goal?
4. What do you need to put in place in order to achieve this goal?
5. Who do you need to help you?
6. What do you need to learn?
7. What systems are necessary to support you?

To refer to my above example. If you want to lose 10 pounds in 30 days. Ask yourself these questions and create your strategic plan to a new you.

Susan Birmingham

Susan Birmingham is the founder and C.E.O. of Birmingham Consulting and Coaching as well as creator of the ESTEEM Principle. She works with women from all walks of life helping them maneuver around the obstacles that are keeping them from creating their dream life from the inside out.

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