headache by Bede Nicholson, Origin Psychic Reader

Do you feel experience energy depletion? Are you constantly feeling tired? Do you often experience debilitating flu like symptoms? Do you feel like it’s a struggle to create energy?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then be sure that you aren’t alone. Over recent years terms like Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) have emerged to explain a growing number of people, and in particular, professional middle class women (nurses, social workers, teachers), who are experiencing in one form or another a debilitating loss of energy.

It is not my intention to enter into the raging debate about whether ME or CFS are medically proven conditions. Much of the debate on both sides is based on a false division between mind, body and emotions. It rests on the notion that if something is physical or medical then it is somehow real, and if it is mental or emotional it is unreal and imaginary.

ME lobby groups, in trying to define physical causes to the problem are really trying to gain legitimacy in the eyes of the medical profession, when in fact, they should be trying to challenge the very basis of the medical model, which erroneously ignores the centrality of the mind/body relationship and is therefore unable to diagnose and treat patients who exhibit ME/CFS symptoms.

So, what is an alternative perspective?

An integrated mind-body-emotion approach to our well-being opens up a whole new realm of inquiry and insight into these sorts of conditions. When we come from an integrated perspective the first question we need to ask is what beliefs may be creating the conditions for energy drain to occur? There are a number of studies that do look into these issues but at this point I would prefer to share my own intuitive angle on the issue.

For me the basic issue that causes energy drain is our failure to effectively and consciously manage emotional over load. Physical shutdown is a way of our body telling us what our mind won’t accept i.e. I can’t manage my emotions this way any longer.

I would suggest that the reason that women are often sufferers of conditions like CFS is because there is a greater belief in women that they should be able to extend their emotional resources over a greater range than they actually can, but they are more willing to accept that their physical resources are limited.

In other words, because we can’t accept that we have emotionally over extended ourselves, we use our body as a way to create definable emotional boundaries and limits. In this sense, we may feel it is more emotionally acceptable to say I’m tired and exhausted rather than say, “I’m sorry but I can’t deal with your problems or feelings at the moment.”

We all display these sort of behaviours and responses at different times, but conditions like CFS develop when these beliefs begin to dominate over a long period of time and eventually crystallize into a very difficult to beat physical pattern of exhaustion and pain, to point where the emotional reality of a persons situation becomes divorced from the physical pattern.

In other words, even when a person limits the emotional energy they put out the condition still persists. This is because the emotional pattern has become embedded as a physical habit.

So how do we break out of energy drain?

The first step is to have the insight and deeper understanding about the fundamental relationship between emotions and body. Many people seek to try and find so called “physical causes” in the belief they may find a pill or remedy that does not require them to address the physical and emotional patterns that underlie the pattern of energy drain.

Facing up to our beliefs can initially be more painful than symptoms that they manifest.

As a person who has personally experienced energy drain I have had to face up to the fact physical tiredness was my way of emotionally disconnecting and avoiding my true feelings. It had forced me to be more sensitive to my own flow of feelings and consequently to other people’s as well.

Over the last 6 yrs I have in large part broken out of a pattern of physical tiredness and a need for sleep. I have learned that other people’s emotions and feelings do not have to drain me if I am conscious of them.

This is still a work in progress and old habits die hard, but I know that if I keep working at exercises like meditation and Origin Dynamics that help me to become consciously aware of the flow of energy between my body and feelings then I will continue to make real breakthroughs.

In truth, there is no one single cause for energy drain. Medical science is obsessed with the process of categorization and labelling because it is frightened of anything that it can’t measure or quantify and therefore can not control.

From my personal perspective, our body is an expression of own unique identity. Each person’s body tells a very unique story. The challenge for us is to begin to listen and learn from our body’s own personal story.

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