cheatingby Stephanie Shields

One thing for sure, a cheating man can only hide his adulterous affairs as long as he can hold it. But, did you know that the longer he hides them, the higher the chances of being caught?

For you to do that, you’ll need to know they aren’t definitive but if the man of your life is showing two or more of these signs, then maybe it’s about time to open your eyes, look beyond your nose and take a closer look.

The Eleven Signs of A Cheating Man

1. He’s spending less time with you.

If your man is seeing another woman, then naturally, he won’t be spending the same time as he used to be. Recognize that his excuses are “lame” – like emergency meetings, own of town official business functions, evening dinners, etc.

2. He seems detached from you emotionally.

He doesn’t seem interested in your life or what you have to say – or he’s chatty and attentive in a friendship-like sort of way.

He doesn’t open up to you about anything except complaints…as though he’s setting the groundwork for his being “unhappy” as an excuse for cheating on you.

3. He’s not as affectionate, and the sex isn’t happening

Since you’re no longer the focus of his attention but rather the “other woman,” your sex life has gradually deteriorated to the point of being considered as non-existent!

Also, he doesn’t hold your hand anymore, cuddle or worse – refuse to watch a movie together.

4. He got a new look.

Well, he needs to be as attractive as possible, and he starts to change his look, hairstyle, going to a spa, become a gym freak and buy new clothes.

5. Something’s different inside the car.

You start noticing unusual hairs on the car set, unknown perfume scent, passenger seat moved or suddenly, the radio dial has been set to a different station. This is one obvious sign of a cheating man.

6. Infidelity equals guilt feelings – and so now he’s angry a lot

He’s short-tempered, moody, and talks about things he didn’t used to talk about – for no reason. He complains and tries to provoke YOU to anger.

If anything happens that’s even mildly unpleasant – he blames you. It’s as though he’s always trying to start fights.

7. Then there’s the unusual scent of perfume, alcohol or smoke.

You can pretty smell it, especially if you pay him a surprise visit.

8. Change of behavior.

Obviously, he doesn’t want you to know he’s cheating, and so as he tries to hide the affair as best he can – he becomes very closed, shut down, secretive and DEFENSIVE about everything about his life.

Where he goes, what he does, what he thinks – it’s all something he doesn’t want to talk about. If YOU bring any of it up or ask even innocently – he’ll get defense and turn the tables on you!  He’ll accuse you of being insecure, nosy, jealous, obsessed and dominating.

9. Weirdness around phone calls.

Obviously, he can’t answer phone calls from the “other woman” when you’re with him – nor  can he leave his cell phone anywhere YOU might get a look at it.

Because his “other woman” might call him suddenly, at any time – he can’t have his phone anywhere near you.

If you have access to his phone bills, look at them. Looking at the phone bills isn’t the same as sneaking a look at his phone – and we don’t suggest you do that because it’ll make you feel terrible.

You don’t need to sink to his level to get to the truth.  It’s totally acceptable for you to read over the phone bills. Carefully look for repeated numbers, and for late night calls you’ve noticed him picking up and going into another room with…or walking away from the dinner table to take. Look for really late night calls he might be making or taking while you’re asleep.

10. He seems dedicated to the computer.

He’s spending so much time chatting with unknown friends it’s making you very nervous. If he deliberately closes the door so he can have his privacy on the computer…it’s quite possible that he’s having an online affair with a few prospects.

Again – if you check the “history” on his computer, you’re going to feel like you’re “sneaking” and you don’t want to feel that way.

The fact that he’s unavailable to you so much of the time is enough reason to get some help, to ask for counseling, to get really good advice on how to turn your relationship around.

11. Is he always broke?

He could be spending his money to his other woman. If you have access to his bills, stubs or receipts the better. Check for withdrawal inconsistencies. This is yet another obvious sign of a cheating man.

Your friend in discovering the truth,

Stephanie Shields

Stephanie wrote a very thorough ebook called Affair Detector – and even though this is a horrid area to even talk about – it happens so often – and often to the nicest women, that we wanted you to know about it.  If you’re suffering with suspicion, jealousy, and have been tempted to check his phone and computer (or already have) then you need some help. Go here to find out how to deal with the possibility that your man is cheating.


  1. Bolanle on January 21, 2011 at 8:25 am

    you have being a help to me. i learnt alot from ur words thanks…

  2. Marie on October 17, 2011 at 5:50 pm

    I can’t believe he did this to me! Thank you. I’ve learned my guy is a rude jerk.

  3. delores on November 13, 2011 at 12:11 pm

    well my man only does a few of those things so what does it mean when its not as obvious when he does only few of those things

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