Does your man have wandering eyes?

Have you ever heard the following sayings about committed men looking at other women?

  • “Just because I’m not eating doesn’t mean I can’t still look at the menu.”
  • “It doesn’t hurt to look as long as you don’t touch.”
  • “Just because I’m not buying doesn’t mean I can’t window shop.”

Like me, you’ve probably heard these type sayings all your life.

Whoever came up with these sayings had to be a man, because it most certainly wasn’t his wife.

When a man’s heart does not lead his eyes he sets himself up for his eyes to lead his heart.

If a man’s eyes are not being monogamous I can promise you his heart isn’t being monogamous either.

Ladies, if you want your man to only have eyes for you, learn how to INSPIRE him not just REQUIRE him.

A woman doesn’t just want her man to not look at other women when she is around him in his world. She really wants him to not look at other women BECAUSE she is in his world.

What she really wants is for him to have MONOGAMOUS EYES that come from a MONOGAMOUS HEART).

Here’s how to inspire him to see only you!

From Erin at LoveRomanceRelationship: We’ve all dealt with this, and it never feels good. Here is a program that deals with this all too common occurrence.

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