allana.jpgby Allana Pratt


It’s interesting, when I was on CBS’s Doctors I was talking in the green room with the producers and other guests and there was a consensus that most women had larger libidos than their male counterparts. While a low level of testosterone could very well be the culprit, I sense another reason for the extensive years of coaching men and relationships.

Women often emasculate men. Granted they forgot something or in their lack of consciousness said something to really hurt us. Yet we killed them off. What often is in the way of a man claiming and ravishing his woman is a fear that he’ll get “in trouble” again, or a disconnection from his desire for a woman that doesn’t adore him with devotion. He may be holding a grudge consciously, yet most of the time all that’s necessary is “setting him up to win” a few times to build back that trust, respect and connection.

Women need to tell him how much it would mean to him if…. That it would make her really happy if… that she’d suck him to eternity if he’d… give him some experiences “winning” making you happy for his ego to be confident again and his libido generally kicks in soon after.

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